Oh, Canada



Trudeau’s threats have included confiscating protesters’ kids, trucks, and bank accounts. Now he’s going after their pets.

Earlier today, three Canadians – two former police officers and one veteran – held a live press conference to address Trudeau’s invoking of the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history. They called on Canadians to join the Freedom Convoy’s movement and condemned the mainstream media for spreading falsehoods about the protesters, making them seem violent and dangerous to the uninformed public. Click to hear the embedded video.

Five of Canada’s twelve provinces have ended their mandates, but Adolf Jr just keeps on being a schmuck. CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=610259653614530 [5:35] to hear Fox & Friends report.

International journalists, authors, politicians, broadcasters and celebrities have savaged Trudeau over his attempt to jackboot protesters into submission. Protesters with American and Canadian flags are even gathered outside the Canadian embassy in New York City.

The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) is launching a legal challenge to the federal government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act, saying, “The high threshold for declaring a public order emergency in the Emergencies Act has not been met. … The federal government has invoked the Emergencies Act as a matter of political convenience. This is illegal.

In Alberta, the court threw out a lawsuit filed by far-left affiliated Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) aimed at keeping masks mandatory in the province’s schools.

Read (or listen to the podcast of) an on-the-ground report about what it’s like at Trucker Central. Excerpts (there’s a lot more at the link!):

It’s a very Christian movement. There’s a lot of prayer, spontaneous prayers. They say the Lord’s Prayer in French and English every night at 7 p.m. And it is this sort of intentional community that has come together without really being organized in a hierarchical structure.

It’s all spontaneous, but it’s remarkably clean. They’re cleaning up after themselves. You have truckers out there shoveling the streets to keep the snow off of it. You’ve got designated trash cans all around.

This is pretty much the polar opposite of what we’re used to seeing from watching left-wing protests the last couple years where people are burning buildings down. These people are actually trying to build something up, which is one of the reasons I think they’re so successful. …

I was talking to one of the truckers the other day and he was pointing out that to actually get a bunch of 18-wheelers out of these relatively narrow streets by Parliament Hill, they would need heavy-duty military equipment that, first of all, local law enforcement doesn’t have, but also the Canadian military probably doesn’t have. It’s the kind of equipment that the U.S. military has. So they’d have to call in U.S. military to get these guys out. And you can imagine what that would look like as far as a public relations special? …

One of the reasons that you have seen the cops be really reluctant to enforce a lot of the orders they’re getting about confiscating fuel and not letting fuel through is because they’re quietly on—I don’t want to get the truckers in trouble by saying this, but something that is very clear if you spend time here is they’re quietly on the trucker side because they’re working-class blue-collar guys, too. …

If you read any of the media coverage, you’d think that this was a hotbed of frothing at the mouth, right-wing extremism with a bunch of violent radicals at the helm, which could not be further from the truth. I think it’s not hyperbolic to just call that lying because it’s just not what’s happening here. …

It’s all just nonsense and the truckers are actually taking it in stride. I find that I’m more upset about it than they are. The atmosphere here is so positive that they sort of just brush it off. They just smile and sort of take it in stride. I’m in my hotel room reading media coverage and my blood’s boiling and I’m getting really frustrated about it. But the guys out here, one of their great strengths is the positivity and being able to brush off all the threats and the saber rattling and the dishonest coverage.”


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  1. Good report. There’s so many angles to all this, I imagine most people can’t keep up at all. This kind of report helps. Looks like the Authorities are really ready to have the Ottawa protest go hot.

    🚚A♠ has a summary post about the escalations, lots of good links.)

    🚚Tow trucks ordered to tow the protesters’ trucks instead joined the protest!

    🚚Fellow clarifies about the man with the Swastika flag

    (Hope I didn’t mess up the formatting there.)

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