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CANADA: Updates on arrests.

CDC: Instead of highlighting the harmful effects that masks and lockdowns have had on the speech development of young children, the CDC decided to lower standards.

CRIME: On Thursday, 11 men associated with the Brooklyn-based Woo gang were charged with allegedly stealing more than $4 million in COVID-19 relief cash using personal information from 800 people to submit unemployment claims. Then they boasted about it in a rap music video.

KINDNESS: I saw this on FB – “Today at work I helped a little old lady out to her car with her groceries. She was very kind and talkative and I was just listening to her and barely contributing to the conversation because it was busy and I knew I needed to get back inside, but still trying to be attentive and engaged. I thanked her again for shopping with us before I turned to go back inside and she touched my arm and said “may I tell you one more thing before you go” I said “absolutely” she said “I live alone with my little puppy dog and every morning when I wake up she jumps on my tummy and we say our prayers and thank God for all of the blessings that he’ll bring to us for that day. I just wanted to let you know that I’m confident that you’re one of the blessings he sent to me today. Thank you for your kindness” and she turned and got in her car and I walked back inside crying.”

MASK THEATER: CLICK [:45] to see two Virginia Dems realize the camera is on them.

NEW YORK: CLICK [3:53] to hear OAN report on how NYS has dropped its indoor mask mandate. Lawyers fighting the governor’s fight to continue keeping kids masked in school say mask mandates were never legal, because they did not have the legislature’s approval.

RUSSIA vs. UKRAINE: Pro-Russian groups have taken credit for blowing up a major European pipeline in the eastern part of Ukraine on Friday evening.

On Saturday, President Vladimir Putin plans to watch Russia’s nuclear forces test launch ballistic and cruise missiles.

TUCKER CARLSON: WARNING: Do NOT listen to this while eating or drinking! [12:08] – But DO listen to this! – dog jamming :39


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