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BORDER: Remember the crisis at our southern border? Nobody’s had time to talk about it lately, what with the world going to hell in a hand basket, but just FYI, it’s getting worse.

FUEL: And just like that, we would find out how many of those 81 million Biden voters didn’t exist.

JIM JORDAN: [12:02] – I haven’t been able to find anything in the news or at Jordan’s website about when this happened.

LENTEN MEDITATION: “You don’t know how to pray? Put yourself in the presence of God, and as soon as you have said, ‘Lord, I don’t know how to pray!’ you can be sure you’ve already begun.” – St. Josemaría Escrivá

MEDIA BIAS: Former Fox News anchor in Phoenix, Kari Lake is now the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona. Trump-hating jerknalist Liam Bartlett interviewed her in February for “60 Minutes Australia.” His bias and attempts to get damaging sound bites got so bad that she walked out.

CLICK [1:00] to see the clip shown in the graphic above. It reminds me of the chicken and broccoli casserole leftovers I inadvertently pushed to the back of the fridge and forgot about.

Then CLICK [25:13] to see Lake’s own video of the FULL interview.

MEXICO: The Diocese of Culiacán has announced that all of the Catholic politicians who voted in favor of legalizing abortion up to 13 weeks will not be able to receive the Eucharist or be godparents.

In a statement, Father Miguel Ángel Soto Gaxiola, director of the Culiacán Commission for Life, Family, Youth and Laity, officially announced that Catholic lawmakers who voted in favor of abortion that the decision to deny them Communion is “the recognition of the objectively unworthy state of a person to receive the Body of Christ.

PUERTO RICO: Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres, who has led the Diocese of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, for over ten years, has been removed by Pope Francis for allowing conscientious objections to COVID-19 vaccine shots.

The Pontiff has made it clear that he considers taking the shots a moral imperative, despite the fact that they were developed and tested with aborted fetal cells and have proven themselves to be unsafe and ineffective.

Sources say that Pope Francis had at least two secret meetings in 2021 with the CEO of Pfizer, the manufacturer of the vaxxx that Francis mandated for all Vatican employees.

Priests, parishioners, and Catholic and other Christian leaders have rallied behind Bishop Torres. Last Wednesday, there was a vigil where the faithful prayed the Rosary and sang hymns, while carrying signs thanking him for his leadership.

SEATTLE: Citing an increase in violent crime, Amazon announced it is moving roughly 1,800 employees are assigned to a building in a better neighborhood.

TREASON: Watch this one – CLICK [18:08] to hear Tucker Carlson’s report on the Left’s current anti-Republican talking point. “Here you have a rich consultant who hates America — someone who has never served in the military — accusing Tulsi Gabbard, who’s been in the Army for nearly two decades, of treason. By the way that’s a death penalty offense.

CLICK [56:39] to hear Dan Bongino reveal the disturbing reason the media/liberal symbiote is attacking Tucker and Tulsi.

Check out the links below for more lefty lunacy.

UKRAINE: On Monday, Fox News photojournalist, Pierre Zakrzewski, was killed in Ukraine. Correspondent Benjamin Hall, who was with him in the vehicle, was injured and remains hospitalized after the incident. It’s not clear who fired on their vehicle.

VFAUXTUS: CLICK [:57] to see a Kamala impersonator nail the person who is a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

CLICK [1:41] to see the woman who is two heartbeats away from the Oval Office.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bootz is SIX years old! He had an awesome birthday!

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