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ARIZONA: Holding the line.

DISNEY: Kinda reminds me of that time way back when they said, “What if we stop making outstanding, yet time-consuming and so expensive animated films that everybody loves and instead make cheap, cheesy films with live actors that everybody will hate?

ELITISM: [13:44] – Spoiler: She demonstrates how the Louis Vuitton $100 per pencil colored pencil set ranks a 0 out of 10. She also figures out where they were probably manufactured ($6.50 per 40 pencils). The only reason I include it here is that I find this product to be an iconic representation of everything that is wrong with the New World Order Elites. You can watch and ponder that thought. Or not.

GAS PRICES: FAUXTUS announced he will release an unprecedented 180 million barrels of oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) over the next several months. Obama did the same thing for the same reason, but never replaced it. Trump got oil prices so low, he was able to refill the reserve at bargain prices. And now Biden is using that oil up again. He claims he’ll replace it when oil prices come down. Don’t hold your breath.

GENDER STUDIES: Are you a man?

1. Do you pretend to enjoy cigars?

2. Is it uncomfortable crossing your legs for some reason?

3. Do you stand by open car hoods pointing and gesturing?

4. Can you effortlessly win at every women’s sport?

5. Do you enjoy thinking about absolutely nothing for long periods of time?

6. Are you incapable of finding the milk in the fridge even while staring directly at it?

7. Do you refer to a team of professional athletes who have no idea who you are as “we”?

8. Can you navigate unfamiliar roads but are hopelessly lost in a mall?

9. Do you pause Lord of the Rings 800 times to provide commentary?

10. Would you be completely and utterly helpless without your spouse?

11. Did you think about sex 27 times while reading this list? 28? 29? Good grief…

12. Do you have XY Chromosomes?

Tally up your number of “Yes” answers and consult this chart:

0-2: There’s a small chance you’re a woman. Sorry!

3-5: We’re getting some real masculine vibes here.

6-8: Starting to look kinda likely that you’re probably a dude.

9-11: Definitely a man.

12: You are the most epic and manly man who ever lived. Congrats!

KINDNESS: Speaking of kindness … click the link!

LENTEN MEDITATION: “My little children, your hearts, are small, but prayer stretches them and makes them capable of loving God. Through prayer we receive a foretaste of heaven and something of paradise comes down upon us. Prayer never leaves us without sweetness. It is honey that flows into the souls and makes all things sweet. When we pray properly, sorrows disappear like snow before the sun.” – Saint John Vianney

MARK DICE: Mark Dice is a conservative Christian political activist/comedian with a YouTube channel and an organization called The Resistance. If you have ever wondered if Wikipedia is a shill for the Left, check out his bio there.

NEW WORLD ORDER: [14:19] – Another move by the Marxist Left.

POLITICAL CRIME FAMILIES: CLICK [5:48] to hear Grant Stinchfield talk about the Clinton and Biden crime families and the media’s lack of interest in either.

S&G:You’re made in the image of God” … so he supports genital mutilation. Oooookay. ::eyeroll:: [1:48] – FAUXTUS’ Assistant Secretary for Health is a man who pretends he’s a woman. Funny thing how HHS has now released a series of documents encouraging not-so-reversible hormone treatments and permanently mutilating surgeries for minors.

These are the same people who vehemently oppose Female Genital Mutilation, even where the girls say they want it, and would scream bloody murder if anyone suggested the Chinese should bring back foot binding. Flaming hypocrites.

In other “gender affirming” news, by which I mean “news about people who hate the way God made them”, the FAUXTUS administration will allow Americans to mark their passports with M, F, or X. In addition, Americans who wish to change gender on their passports will not need to provide any documentation to do so.

TRANS: [10:06] – In today’s world, the real hero isn’t Caitlyn Jenner, but Walt Heyer.

WISCONSIN: At least 137,500 absentee ballots were cast through unlawful vote trafficking in the 2020 election. Ballot trafficking is an activity in which absentee ballots and votes are solicited, sometimes in exchange for money or other valuables. They are then collected through a process called “harvesting” and delivered to drop boxes by intermediaries (someone other than the voter), who are often paid a per-ballot fee by partisan actors. IOW, it’s organized crime.


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  1. Beard used for dusting, and as a teddy bear. That was funny. My scraggly beard will never be as long and lush as his. (Envy! just kidding) My excuse for the beard is less spiritual: at my age and stage in life I don’t care – I don’t have to. And while I once was more vain, I’m well past worrying about looks. As long as MiladyJo doesn’t complain, I’m good. 😉

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    • My husband never had a beard before he met me, but I talked him into growing one. He’s had it ever since, probably because he knows that shaving it off would constitute grounds for divorce.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Dearest grew his while we were dating because I asked him to, for two reasons. One, his stubble is very sharp and I was getting a rash on my face! And two, he has very large features – a yuge head, big eyes, wide face, big nose, lush lips, and a teeny tiny chin. LOL As for care, he goes to Sylvia, who also does my hair, and she cuts his head and beard the way I like it! LOL

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