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CHICOMS: I don’t understand why their government is doing this. Don’t they have the Omicron like everyone else? Didn’t they vaxxxxxxxxxx? One tweet says they are refusing to reopen a town that hasn’t had a case in 20 days! People are out of money, out of food. Click the link.

COLORADO: On Monday, Democrat Gov. Jared Polis of Colorado signed a bill into law ensuring that, even if Roe v. Wade gets overturned, people will still be able to kill their unborn children right up until the moment of natural birth.

He said, “We want to make sure that our state is a place where everyone can live and work and thrive and raise a family on their own terms.” Unless you’re unborn, and then you have no rights to live or thrive.

D.C.: The bodies of five late-term, very dead fetuses were discovered at the abortuary of Dr. Cesare Santangelo, who does late term abortions. The five fetuses all appear to have been killed past the age of viability. Their “late gestational ages as well as their apparent sustained injuries potentially show violations of the Partial Birth Abortion Act as well as the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.”

Santangelo has said repeatedly that he does nothing to care for born alive infants who survive his efforts to kill them in utero. He has also been sued for malpractice and wrongful death by the survivors of a D&E procedure that he botched so badly, the autopsy showed pieces of the unborn baby in the dead woman’s lungs. In addition, at least two hospitals have filed complaints about his shoddy work.

END TIMES: “When God created human beings, he made them in the likeness of God; he created them male and female. When they were created, he blessed them and named them humankind.” Gen. 5:1-2

HUNTER BIDEN: What did FAUXTUS know and when did he know it? [10:34] – “If anyone thinks that the ‘big guy’ wasn’t coaching his son throughout the years in all his business dealings they’re fooling themselves.” – Mr. Myth

LENTEN MEDITATION: “Virtues are formed by prayer. Prayer preserves temperance. Prayer suppresses anger. Prayer prevents emotions of pride and envy. Prayer draws into the soul the Holy Spirit, and raises man to Heaven.” – Saint Ephraem of Syria

MEDIA WHORE: CLICK [1:36] to see this pathetic man’s latest attempt to be relevant. Or something. “I can help you be a better team.” Yeah, right.

MILITARY: After suffering a ‘rona vaxxx injury, Dr. Peter Chambers (U.S. Army) began requiring soldiers attend informed consent briefings. Of the 3,000 soldiers he briefed, only 6 ended up taking the shots. His boss told him to stop.

He refused, citing Army Regulation 40-562 which states in chapter 8, paragraph 5, that “any recipient of an EUA vaccine or chemoprophylaxis product must receive the information (for example, briefing, individual counselling, information statements) required by the FDA-approved EUA” and that “full compliance with this requirement is critical.”

The Army fired him.

PELOSI CORRUPTION: CLICK [5:04] to hear OAN report on the Pelosi family’s dirty business in Ukraine. Asa Saint Clair, a close associate of Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Jr., has been convicted of wire fraud and is facing up to 20 years in prison. Paul Jr. represented the scam in Ukraine and appears to have been supported within Congress by Mama Nancy.

RINO ROMNEY: A year ago, Mitt Romney opposed KBJ’s nomination to a lower federal court. Now that he has learned about her history of going easy on child molesters and pedophiles, he’s decided he’s for her being on the Supreme Court.

TRANS: A biologically male cyclist who now identifies as female was barred from competing in a women’s championship race this weekend, following threats of boycott from female competitors.

VAXXX: The Cult of Anthony has been dismissing the million+ adverse reaction reports (including 21,000 deaths) received so far by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). But a computational biologist has evaluated the VAERS data from the perspective of the Bradford Hill criteria – a set of nine questions that are used by epidemiologists to determine whether any given factor is likely the cause of an observed health effect. She says she found evidence to answer “Yes” to all nine questions. As has happened far too often, her attempts to warn the public have been met with resistance by the teeming masses of Fauci-ites.

VFAUXTUS: [6:52] – Kamala has a 56% unfavorable rating and a whopping 47% very unfavorable rating. She’s also having a 12th high level staffer bolting. They say she is very unpleasant to work for, refuses to read her briefing reports, and repeatedly says and does really stupid stuff.

WEST VIRGINIA: [4:12] – Gov. Tomblin has vetoed a bill banning D&E (dismemberment) abortions. That procedure, in which a living child has each limb torn off and extracted from the womb, accounts for approximately 95 percent of all second trimester abortions.

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