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ART: [19:42] – There’s nothing much worth talking about in the news, so I’m taking a day off to just enjoy all the amazing artists who share their processes on YouTube. This is just one I watched from the world of wood-and-resin art.

FAUXTUS: “None of this is actually funny” [3:36].

LENTEN MEDITATION: “The prayer most pleasing to God is that made for others.” – Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

PROSTHESIS: I remember seeing a documentary many years ago about an artist who started using his skills to make realistic prostheses for people who were missing parts of their face. I cried when one man said about his new nose, “Now I can wear glasses and read again!” Today’s post is about a new advancement in the field, which is to use digital scans, computer aided design and 3D printing to make the process faster and, no doubt, cheaper.

YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM: [4:10] – This must have been truly terrifying.


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  1. I’ve never been big on prophecy. Not to say it isn’t real; more that I don’t get it, or don’t know what I’m supposed to do because of it.

    Nostradamus, Cassandra, visionaries, scripture. It’s usually unclear, open to various interpretations, and there’s the question of whether it’s hard-and-fast prediction or just a warning of what might be if we don’t shape up. Is it just there so later the prophet can say, “told ya so!”?

    We do have some good examples of near-time social prophecy, though. For example, the Babylon Bee, whose parodies can barely keep ahead of the reality. And then there’s the Simpsons…
    h/t Bookworm, one of my daily go-to sites

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