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ALABAMA: Gov. Ivey has signed legislation into law requiring public K-12 school restrooms and changing areas to be restricted for student use by individuals based on their biological sex, banning sexual/gender indoctrination in K-5, and prohibiting hormone blockers, genital mutilation, and gender reassignment surgeries in minors.

BIDENFLATION: CLICK [4:25] to hear Jen Psaki demonstrate Matt Walsh’s point, followed by a NewsMax report on just how badly this administration has performed on the economy, which is THE #1 concern for Americans.

CATHOLIC: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.” – Matthew 7:21

Saint Paul preached ‘Christ crucified — a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles’ when he brought the gospel to Malta. The Apostle boasted in the scandal of the Cross. Why is the pope ashamed of the Cross before Muslims, especially during Lent?” – Dr. Philip Beattie, president of Pro Malta Christiana and an economist at the University of Malta

FAUXTUS: He and VFAUXTUS have the whole world laughing at us. CLICK [1:08] to see a skit out of Saudi Arabia that would be way funnier if it wasn’t so accurate.

IMMUNE TO PROSTITUTION: CLICK [:15] to hear Biden make a fool of himself (again) as he lies twice.

We are all well aware that the manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaxxxines are immune from prosecution. Also, from Fox: “The 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), otherwise known as the Child Safety Lock Act, protects gun manufacturers from being held liable in cases when people commit crimes using their products, but firearms makers can still be sued for a number of other reasons such as product defects.”

LENTEN MEDITATION: “We don’t pray to Mary as if she were a demigod. That is idolatry. She isn’t going to tell us yes when God says no. We don’t worship Mary. That too is idolatry. We honor her. We look to her as the most powerful intercessor born outside of her Son, the Word made Flesh.“ – Fr. Bill Peckman

MASKS: British researchers have found microplastic fibers deep in the lower lungs in 11 of the 13 people sampled. The source may very well be all those mandated disposable masks we’ve been forced to wear “for public safety.” One of the key ingredients is polypropylene, which degrades into tiny, microscopic fibers of plastic. A growing body of research shows these microplastic fibers have the potential to cause disease, including cancer, in humans.

NEW YUCK: Brian Benjamin was a state senator until Sept. 9, 2021, when he was appointed by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to replace her as Lieutenant Governor. She, of course, got bumped up when her skeezy predecessor had to resign. Now, just 9 months later, Benjamin has been arrested and charged with using his authority in a quid pro quo scheme in which he swapped government grants for campaign contributions.

OKLAHOMA: Gov. Stitt has signed legislation into law that bans nearly all abortions after conception, and there are no exceptions for rape or incest. The only exception is to save the life of the woman in case of an emergency. The bill specifically targets health care workers who perform the procedure. They can be punished by up to 10 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

S&G: State public school health education standards in both Oregon and Washington require children in kindergarten and first grade to learn that “there are many ways to express gender.

In second grade, they are taught to “recognize differences and similarities of how individuals identify regarding gender” and how to “communicate respectfully with and about people of all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations.”

In third grade, they are expected to be able to “define sexual orientation,” as well as “recognize differences and similarities of how individuals identify regarding gender or sexual orientation.”

This has been going on since 2016!

TWITTER: CLICK [13:04] to hear Tucker talk about Elon Musk’s recent purchase, refusal to join the board, the Left’s response, and what Musk may do next.

WISCONSIN: CLICK [:49] to see a high school French teacher parade his sexual fantasies during school hours as part of “Fine Arts Week.” Even if I didn’t find drag queens distasteful, I wouldn’t call what they do “fine art”! Maybe some of them have actual talent, but the ones I have seen have just been males in over-the-top glittery outfits, big wigs, and a ton of makeup prancing around to canned music. The choreography reminds me of what my daughters did in the living room when they were very young. You know, prance prance prance, shake your booty, wave your arms, repeat.

Previous controversies in this appalling school district include racially segregating children twice (once for standardized tests, once for music class), training teachers that two-year-olds are racist, and pushing racial identity journals in elementary grades. For $15,000 per student, the district ensures that kids are 100% proficient in LGBTQ and CRT. Too bad they are only 47% proficient in math and 49% in language arts.

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama Buzz swatched her new paints … creatively!

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