Holy Thursday

My dd took this photo when she went to help with clean up. If you zoom in, you can see what the plate and pamphlet say. Look how the blown-in, brown-green debris piled around the plate, under the table, and on the collapsed insulation is even down inside the plastic pamphlet holder!

PRAYERS PLEASE: For the newly homeless citizens of Salado, some of whom are intimately connected to the Lone Star branch of the Hyphen Clan. The news says the tornado uprooted large trees and reduced a mile long swath of Salado to rubble. Incredibly and thankfully, no one was killed. Twenty-three were injured, but only one critically. Special prayers for the Rios family who were all injured badly enough to require hospitalization. The 6-year-old daughter was blown into a tree and found after the storm, hanging there.

ADULT vs. CHILD: If you haven’t already seen the viral exchange between “I’m a mathematician and a physicist, so like way smarter than you, bro” and Ben Shapiro, CLICK https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/1513893439359922176 [1:51]. Better yet, click the link below and read the transcript, which thankfully omits the self-important little turd’s vulgar remarks about Ben’s wife.

BORDER: Gov. Abbott followed through on his plan to bus illegals to D.C. and drop them there. CLICK https://rumble.com/v10u402-gov.-abbott-follows-through-drops-off-bus-of-illegals-for-biden-in-dc.html [1:18] to see Fox report.

BROOKLYN SUBWAY: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=513537753564426 [5:01] to hear a recap and update on the incident. It’s infuriating that this man’s big issue is racial, but because he’s Black, that’s okay with the Left. We need to just understand how oppressed he’s been. Or something. But you know that if he had been white and said and done the exact same things, the Left would be shrieking about the deadly threat the supposedly hate-filled, intolerant, racist Right poses to our domestic security.

CATHOLIC: [6:31] – More than 70 church leaders from around the world have signed an open letter opposing the German Synodal Path’s proposal that the RCC embrace homosexuality and allow priests to marry.

CNN+: Last December, fake conservative Chris Wallace (74) left Fox News to begin hosting a weekday show on CNN’s proposed streaming service, CNN+. According to Matt Vespa, he was to be the centerpiece of CNN’s new venture, which they projected would launch with something like 2 million subscribers and grow to 15-18 million after four years. Two weeks in, the liberal channel has fewer than 10,000 subscribers. Wallace is reportedly threatening to walk if CNN doesn’t give him his own show on its main channel.

CORN POOP: CLICK https://twitter.com/RNCResearch/status/1513979276240072716 [:12] to see what appears to be bird poo land on FAUXTUS’ lapel. The WH scrambled to inform us that “it was bits of corn flying around from the corn silo; the event was indoors.” Ohhhhh … it was indoors, where corn could fly around … but birds couldn’t? Yeah, no. The event was held in a yuge, barn-like warehouse, where (Snopes even admitted) birds frequently nest. Also, I’m pretty sure corn doesn’t go splat like that.

DISNEY: Go woke! Go broke! CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=1400100873840986 [3:54] to hear Dan Bongino talk about the punishment parents are inflicting on the once family-friendly mega-corporation.

FUNDAMENTALS: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=769291971142156 [2:51] to hear Ben Shapiro lay out some basic truths about liberalism and conservativism.

LENTEN MEDITATION: Please read this article, then meditate and pray on it.

LOUISIANA: The New Orleans Marshals Service’s Missing Child Unit (MCU) recently rounded up five adults involved in sex trafficking and rescued 16 missing and endangered minors. They are actively pursuing four others for whom they have felony warrants.

MARYLAND: The state legislature overrode the governor’s veto, enacting a bill that allows non-physicians to perform abortions and requires most private health insurance companies to cover 100% of the cost of abortion. The state will also spend millions of taxpayer dollars on training nurses, midwives, and physician assistants in abortion procedures.

WHAT’S WITH 2016: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=161547906181502 [2:48] to hear Charlie Kirk explain why they started posting videos of university professors exposing their political biases. It struck me that this started in 2016, that the Moms on a Mission (below) found that academic proficiency in their district began falling in 2016, and that yesterday, I reported on how Oregon and Washington state school standards began mandating, in 2016, that kids as young as kindergarten be taught that sex and gender are different.

WISCONSIN: Three “Moms on a Mission” swept the three empty seats on their school board. CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=739340223740105 [4:54] to see Fox & Friends report.

GRAMMY NOTES: A fellow on my art board posted a watercolor he did of Ralph Vaughn Williams’ home in Surrey. It brought back memories of one of the highlights of my entire life. In 1971, my high school choir performed Vaughn Williams’ Mass in G Minor at the East Coast Music Educators Conference. It’s a very difficult, two choir (i.e., 16 parts!) + 4 solo, a capella piece that hits such high and low notes for every voice that, if the choir drifts off tone by even a little bit, somebody won’t be able to hit their notes. We worked so hard on it. And the auditorium filled with music educators gave us a standing ovation. I’m listening to this little bit (the whole thing is about 28 minutes) and it’s making me tear up.


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  1. Daughter said today that she only learned today that Maundy is derived from the Latin word for “command,” and refers to Jesus’ commandment to the disciples to “Love one another as I have loved you.”

    She was still puzzled why we call it “Good” Friday. I have some thoughts about it. What do you think is a good answer?

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