Good Friday

2022: The latest Quinnipiac poll shows approval numbers for Biden’s job performance have dropped again.

  • Hispanics: 26% approve (12% strongly) vs. 54% disapprove (41% strongly).
  • Whites: 31% approve vs. 59% disapprove.
  • Blacks: 63% approve vs. 25 % disapprove.

The poll surveyed 1,412 adults between April 7-11 with a 2.6 margin of error.

ARIZONA: Gov. Ducey has signed a bill into law requiring all public and charter schools to give students one to two minutes of silence at the beginning of the day. Private schools, parochial schools and homeschools are exempt from the requirement.

BIDENFLATION: As of April 28, sellers who use Amazon’s fulfillment services will be paying 5% more than they do now. Amazon is calling it a “fuel and inflation surcharge.”

CATHOLIC: Ralph Martin talks about Church leaders who are condoning LGBTQ lifestyles. [3:51] – Click the link if you want to see a summary of the traditional and official RCC teaching on homosexuality.

DO THE MATH: Not the Bee notes, “A bunch of wokies broke our their finest ‘AKSHUALLYS’ to prove that most Chinese third graders aren’t actually learning multi-variable calculus, probably because they’ve lived so long as basement NPCs that they’ve forgotten the poetic elements of rhetoric, hyperbole, and humor.”

In other news, a study published in 2006 noted that, for the past 20 years, Asian children have consistently outperformed their American counterparts in math. Explanations have focused on differences ranging from number-word systems and parental expectations to student motivation and curriculum content. But this study compared American and Chinese math teachers. While the former were more knowledgeable about general educational theories and classroom skills, the latter knew more about math.

The study confirmed findings of a previous study that found that U.S. teachers do not have “a profound understanding of fundamental mathematics. This, despite the fact that all the American teachers in the study held a bachelor’s degree and more than half had obtained a master’s degree, while most of the Chinese teachers were trained, after junior high school, at a three-year teacher-training school where they studied subjects equivalent to those offered in high school.”

INVASIVE SPECIES: The graphic has nothing to do with this post, which is about a very creepy looking, squirmy thing whose images triggered my snake phobia. So no pic, just info.

As we go into planting season please be aware that the USA has an invading species of worm called the Hammerhead Worm. They are indigenous to Southeast Asia and are currently in Alabama , Georgia and parts of Florida and South Carolina. Some say they have already made it to New England.

They have no known predators, so are spreading and, currently, there are no known chemical controls that target them. They are voraciously carnivorous and pose a significant threat to our friendly earthworms. They also secrete poisonous toxins and transmit harmful nematode parasites. Yuck.

Gardeners need to catch and kill any they see. But do not touch them! Use gloves when handling; they are believed to carry a potent tetrodotoxin. If you come into contact with one, wash the area with hot soapy water, rinse in alcohol and/or use hand disinfectant.

Also, do NOT cut any of them into pieces; each piece has the ability to grow into an entire new worm! They also seem to survive freezing temperatures, so chucking them in the freezer is out.

Agrigro said, “gardeners can rid the soil of them by heating it to 93ºF for five minutes.” Not sure how you do that, but if you know, go for it.

Another source said to soak them in a jar filled with salt and vinegar for a few days, which sounds really gross.

The wfla site suggested a thorough enough squishing may do the job, another really gross solution. They recommend putting salt on them and leaving them in bright sun so they dry out. Again, not sure how you do this AND keep them from crawling away … maybe in a jar? Argh, this is all really pushing my buttons. I sincerely hope there aren’t any in my garden!

LENTEN MEDITATION: [3:59] – “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” “Jesus, I trust in You.” “Abba, Father. Thy Will Be Done!

LIFE: CLICK [3:22] to hear Kristan Hawkins on a campus tour. Kristan, the President of Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action, has been a major anti-abortion activist on college campuses for years. This interchange is a less skeezy version of the “Adult vs. Child” one I posted yesterday between Ben Shapiro and a full-of-himself undergrad. Behind the lectern, you have an experienced speaker with vast experience in arguing the conservative point of view. In the audience, you have a pompous, lib-indoctrinated undergrad who can’t support their own point of view, probably because nobody has ever seriously challenged it before.

TEXAS TORNADO: This photo is from a ranch owned by family friends. You can see the damage the twister did to the tree in front. Across the water, the brown swath is all downed trees, plus a lot of fencing that was also demolished. Thank God this thing didn’t hit a subdivision! UPDATE: Members of the Rios family are still in ICU, but are now expected to live. Please continue praying for them and all those whose homes were destroyed. Thank you.

TOLERANCE: I subscribe to a FB group called “Human Acts of Kindness.” Somebody posted this graphic and I am just so sad about how many nasty comments it engendered … from people who subscribe to a group dedicated to kindness. Apparently, kindness, like tolerance, is something leftists reserve only for those who think and act and vote the same way they do.

TWITTER: Elon has offered to buy Twitter for $43 billion in cash. He wants to take it private and “transform” it into “the platform for free speech around the globe” (his words).

CLICK [12:53] to hear Newsmax report. If you don’t watch the whole thing, please just skip to 9:30 and listen to Dave Rubin tell an extraordinary true story. Tissue alert!

VAXXX: Carol Beauchine died Aug. 2, 2021, from Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a fatal degenerative brain disorder she developed almost immediately after her second dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. She was healthy until she got the shots. Her son says, “We all knew from the very beginning it was related to the shot.

GRAMMY NOTES: So, I did this [squeee!!!] and we are both so happy with it that we’ve already got a spot picked out in the living room.

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