Happy May Day!

ARIZONA: Gov. Ducey has signed into law two bills to protect religious freedom during emergencies. One makes churches and other faith-based institutions “essential”, while the other mandates that health care facilities allow visits by clergy to residents who have requested it.

BILL MAHER: CLICK https://twitter.com/JoelWBerry/status/1520254034527272961 [2:08] to hear this Liberal chastise Twitter as a failure and give a somewhat snarky thumbs up to Babylon Bee.

I could’ve done without his writing off all religion as “satire”, especially since his idiot audience thought it was funny. These people need some serious prayer directed at them!

BILLIONAIRES: Lefties are in an uproar over Elon buying Twitter, but I haven’t heard them squawk about the $50 million the uber rich lib, Warren Buffett, has given to “Catholics for Choice.”

Catholic Vote calls C4C “a pro-abortion extremist group with a long history of acts of hatred and sacrilege against the Catholic Church.”

BOOK SALES: During Trump’s first 18 months, prominent books about him outsold similar books about Biden by 10 to 1.

EASTER MEDITATION: The Holy Rosary is considered a perfect prayer because within it lies the awesome story of our salvation.

ELON MUSK: CLICK https://rumble.com/v12wtmt-elon-musk-continues-trolling-liberals-after-twitter-purchase.html [2:12] for Maria Bartiromo’s report.

HYPOCRITE: On Friday, mega-rich writer Stephen King tweeted up a self-owning, virtue signal storm about the “greedy heads” of “millionaire oil fat cats” and their “G*damn corporation” that are apparently single-handedly responsible for the high cost of gas and heating oil.

I’m guessing his slam on corporate greed does not extend to the corporations that sell his books for $30 (hardback) or $15 (electronic). He’s pissed about supposedly obscene profits raked in by oil and gas, but once those electronic books have been digitized, there is virtually no cost to the vendors. Talk about obscene profit!

MIDTERMS: A new NPR/Marist poll shows Hispanics and parents with children under 18 favoring Republican candidates for Congress by large margins. Hispanic: GOP 52% vs. Dem 39%. Parents: GOP 60% vs. Dem 39% margin.

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows inflation and immigration are the top two concerns for voters.

MISSISSIPPI: Gov. Reeves has signed into law a bill that prohibits COVID-19 vaccine mandates in government agencies, public universities, and both public and private schools. It also requires private employers to recognize “a sincerely held religious objection” to a vaccine requirement.

S&G: [13:34] – This kid isn’t graceful or talented or intelligent or articulate. He’s just a boy who dresses up like a highly sexualized female and flounces around, which is all most drag queens seem to do as well. My girls used to do exactly the same dorky stuff when they were his age. It was kinda cute, if you were a really doting relative or, you know, blind. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

TEXAS: The state will be reallocating $495 million from various state agencies to fund deployment of the Texas National Guard along the U.S.-Mexico border.

YES, MASSAH: American Express has adopted an “Anti-Racism Initiative.” White employees have been subjected to training sessions in which they were told they need to identify the privileges or advantages they have and defer to members of “marginalized groups.”

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