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ABORTION: CLICK [1:10] to hear GOP candidate for Pennsylvania Senate, Kathy Barnette, give her opinion on Roe.

ACCEPTABLE: Women on TikTok say that overturning Roe will destroy the casual sex, hook-up culture. One wrote, “We all need to collectively agree to never touch another man again if it gets overturned.”

DURHAM: [3:41] – A D.C. federal judge rejected the Clinton campaign’s claim that the documents Special Counsel John Durham wants to see are protected by the attorney-client privilege. He’s ordered them to be produced so he can look at them and decide if they can be legally withheld from Durham.

EASTER MEDITATION: The scientific explanation is clear. From the moment of conception, each zygote is a living, growing, and genetically unique human being. The Christian explanation is equally clear. Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Jesus was fully human and fully divine from the moment of conception.

We get further confirmation of this in Scripture. When the barely pregnant Mary visited Elizabeth and the then-six-month-old fetus, John, recognized Him. Jesus was like us in all things but sin; therefore, not only do our physical lives begin at conception, but so too do our spiritual lives.

FAUXTUS: “Apparently @JoeBiden thought that his remarks calling 74 million Americans the worst extremists in recent history — worse than the KKK, Antifa, neo-Nazis — was such a great point that he’s tweeting the video of himself saying it. Unity™!” – Joel Pollak

FLORIDA: On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported that many American CEOs are second-guessing their “Get Woke” strategies out of fear of becoming “the next Disney.” Works for me!

INSURRECTION: A radical Leftist organization called Ruth Sent Us has set up a website directing angry abortion activists to go to “the homes of the six extremist justices, three in Virginia and three in Maryland … [to] force accountability.” Let us pray for the safety of the justices and their loved ones and for the sanity and souls of those planning them harm.

MIDTERMS: All 22 Trump-backed candidates won their primaries in the recent Ohio and Indiana races.

MINISTRY OF TRUTH: Sen. Josh Hawley, R-MO, has introduced a bill to dissolve President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “Disinformation Governance Board.” The bill would also create protections against the future formation of any such body and require the DHS to disclose all records and communications about creating the board.

PRO-LIFE: [11:04] – Seth Gruber is “A Voice for the Unborn” and he does a fabulous job.

REVOLVING DOOR: This is typical of D.C. When Jen Psaki leaves next week, Karine Jean-Pierre, a former political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, will step into her place at the White House.

GRAMMY NOTES: Please besiege the heavens for my youngest, Marine Princess. She had a pituitary tumor removed yesterday and has had some complications. Marine Prince is home with the three wee Marines, ages 5, almost 3, and brand new. Sorry … no funnies today. I’m just not feeling it.

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