Today is my birthday!

I’m gonna have a good time … which means I’m not doing any NEWS. Ha!



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  1. red

    Happy sweet 16! (and many more sweet 16s in your future!
    Remember, any calories consumed on your birthday are empty calories. We have that from America’s former diet expert, Erma Bombeck. Peace, love and His joy be on you today and forever.

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  2. Happy Birthday, dear chrissy of the hyphen. Hope it’s easy for you to… bear.

    Video linked below – my cheap b’day gift for you.

    When I was still in High School, my oldest bud Tom and I were on vacation in Arizona, sitting on a park bench, and talked about this song which had just come out. About old friends sitting on a park bench.

    Guess how old he and I both turn this year. Terribly strange.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thank you. That certainly takes me back (to JUNIOR high, hee hee). If Dearest and I split the diff, we get 70. We’re going to be sharing a nice leather couch in a filtered and climate controlled living room this evening, noshing on whatever gourmet carry out he decided on.

      The song sounds so sad, but really, what a blessing it is to have such an old and very dear friend after so many years. Of course, they were young when they wrote this. They might feel differently about it now. 🙂

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      • Paul set out to make a “concept” album. Art said they were somewhat inspired to this by Sgt. Pepper’s. The arc, at least on side 1 of the LP, spans youth through middle age and old age. Still a highly regarded work, of which those involved should be justly proud.

        MiladyJo and I got to meet Paul Simon when his Graceland tour was in Chicago. I couldn’t find words to say everything I might have wanted to about all his songs have given us. I did manage to blurt out what a great concert we’d just seen. Best I’ve ever seen.

        I later wished I’d complimented him for being able to work “gaberdeen” into a lyric. 😀

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