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BABY FORMULAS: They’re sold out at both IRL and online stores. Some third-party sellers online have them available, but only at exorbitant prices. That explains the sudden rash of DIY baby formula recipes I’ve been seeing on Facebook.

My youngest is still in ICU, following surgery to remove a pituitary tumor. She says she slept well and is hoping to be allowed to try to stand on her own, so those are both good signs! However, she’s worried about her milk production. Given the formula shortage, it is extra important that the Lord preserve her body’s ability to feed Wee Zee the old fashioned way. Thanks so much for your continued prayers.

CATHOLIC: Police were called out to Sacred Heart of Mary Church in Boulder to see the damage vandals did to the property. Vandals broke windows and painted “Abortion Saves Lives” and “My Body My Choice” on the building and statues.

CODIFYING ROE: Dems can usually count on Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) to vote with them when it comes to killing unborn babies. But she says she opposes the Dem’s planned bill to enshrine abortion on demand at any time into federal law. She says the bill would not only eliminate all state laws, but also all conscience protections. “It doesn’t protect the right of a Catholic hospital to not perform abortions. That right has been enshrined in law for a long time.

EASTER MEDITATION: When confronted with angry pro-abort protesters, do NOT ENGAGE with them. If you’re online, just pray and keep scrolling. If you’re in person, get on your knees or simply stand quietly, close your eyes or look somewhere that is not at them, and PRAY. This battle is SPIRITUAL and we have the biggest guns in the fight, if only we would USE THEM.

ELECTION FRAUD: “2000 Mules” premiered Saturday evening. You can buy it on DVD for $24.99 at the shop link below.

FLORIDA: Not tired of winning.

KENTUCKY DERBY: CLICK to see one of the biggest upsets in horse racing history. Watch for the favorite, Epicenter, who started at 4-1. He runs mostly in the middle, then makes his surge after the half-way mark. During the last few lengths, the commenter is so focused on the favorite, Epicenter, and second favorite, Zandon, that he doesn’t even notice Rich Strike coming up on the inside! Rich Strike, who started dead last in the rankings at 80-1, won the Derby in what is easily one of the most exciting piece of horse racing footage I’ve ever seen.

KINDNESS: I have found several of these channels at YouTube. It boggles my mind that anyone is making a full-time income just from posting videos. But how cool that they use the freedom to help others!

PRICELESS: CLICK [:40] to see Tom Hanks’ son, Chet, tell late-night talk show host Ziwe Fumudoh that so-called Social Justice Warriors can kick rocks. The look on her face is LOL.

SOUND OF FREEDOM: [2:36] – Very powerful people are doing their best to stop this film from being released. It needs to be seen. Google the film title, share the trailer on social media, and ask why hasn’t Sound of Freedom been released.

SUPER SPREADER EVENT: God has such a wicked sense of humor. Even as the Libs were self-congratulating themselves at the fully-vaxxxed-and-boosted White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the ‘rona virus was busily spreading itself to attendees. Because, guess what, oh my, don’t say it, the vaxxx doesn’t work.

TOLERANCE: CLICK the links to see pro-abortion demonstrations outside of Chief Justice Roberts’ and Justice Kavanaugh’s homes.

UK: Last year, a British medical regulator ordered Dr. Dermot Kearney to stop prescribing progesterone, a natural hormone, to women who regretted having taken an abortion pill. Dr. Kearney began legal proceedings to challenge the ban, which has since been reversed.

I am relieved and delighted,” said Kearney, who has helped 32 women to give birth to healthy babies after reversing the effects of the abortion drugs. “My hope is that women across the UK will now be told by medical regulators and abortion providers that abortion reversal treatment is safe, that it is available, and that success is possible if they regret their decision to have an abortion and choose to seek help.


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