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ABORTION: It is a religious ritual for them. I listened to a former Satanist priest, wizard, warlock … forget what his rank was … explain how they have women and abortionists who work with them. When someone is willing to pay big bucks for an extra powerful spell, they arrange a prayer service during an abortion, because killing one of God’s precious little ones adds extra oomph to the spell.

That being said … I’m pretty sure there are other religious rituals that are illegal, like playing with venomous snakes and torturing animals.

ALABAMA: On Sunday, the state’s new ban on hormones and puberty blockers for gender confused minors took effect, prompting medical providers across the state to stop prescribing these experimental drugs to kids.

BIDENFLATION: The overall Consumer Price Index is 8.3% higher than it was at this time last year, but the dinner table has been hit even harder than that. Getting the food costs 10.8% more; getting a table to put it on is 14.9% higher.

BLM-ANTIFA: These groups were linked to more than 90% of the riots that resulted in the most destructive “protests” in U.S. history – over one billion dollars in damages, more than 1,500 businesses or buildings damaged or destroyed, and more than 700 police officers injured. Democrat leaders looked on an praised them. Why? Maybe because they were the same people who helped them steal the White House.

CATHOLIC: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has asked for prayer and fasting to end abortion and the nationwide demonstrations, disruptions of church services, and personal intimidation of specific Supreme Court justices.

EASTER MEDITATION: This year’s graduating class at Rollins College had five valedictorians. Four of them unanimously elected the fifth – a nonverbal autistic woman named Elizabeth Bonker – to deliver the graduation speech. Please take the time to listen to her speech. It’s very moving.

EDUCATION: CLICK [1:39] to hear a kindergarten teacher sneer at parents who didn’t want their five year olds told that they’re bad because of their skin color.

FAUCI: [4:45] – Jesse Watters and Rand Paul talk about disinformation, particularly as perpetrated by Anthony Fauci.

FAUXTUS: Now we know why FAUXTUS uses a faux Oval Office for his speeches. They couldn’t fit the GINORMOUS teleprompter he needs into the real one.

FORMULA: Check out any Twitter thread about abortion and some jerk will have stated unequivocally that pro-lifers ONLY care about the pre-born. Supposedly, as soon as the baby pops out, we shut our hearts, minds, and doors to it and its struggling mama.

But you know who isn’t going to even have a meeting about the crisis-level shortage of baby formula until May 25th? The same “caring” Democrats who just voted to legalize abortion on demand for any reason at any time throughout the entire nation.

HOMESCHOOL: CLICK to see an awesome mom who apparently thinks to herself, “Here we are in the bathroom doing hair bows. Let’s take a few minutes to learn a little math.” Cuz what kid won’t enjoy numbers more if she can think about it while admiring her pretty, pretty hair bows!

KAREN: Patti LuPone spewed a nasty rant at a member of her audience whose mask was not covering her nose. Lupone had no mask on and certainly had no reason to know what that audience member’s health issues might be, but she was absotively 100% positive that the uncovered nose was going to kill people. Or something.

If you’re feeling masochistic, you can listen to her at the link. I’d suggest you skip it, though. I feel kinda dirty after listening to just part of it. I also feel even more grateful that not one single person got up in my unmasked face during the 6 hours we sat in the ER. I tried, but I simply can not wear a mask that long. The staff also never asked my vaxxx status, which surprised and delighted me.

MILITARY: We know the ‘rona jabs cause serious complications in healthy people and that it does nothing to stop transmission of the virus and that the virus practically never causes serious disease in the kind of healthy young adults who serve in the military. Nevertheless, the U.S. Navy has gone ahead and booted 924 sailors out of the service for refusing to get vaxxxed. This looks more like a purge of conservatives than anything to do with military readiness.

OFFICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: The Biden administration has created a new division at the DOJ to “engage all Justice Department bureaus, components and offices in the collective pursuit of environmental justice,” as defined by the administration’s Comprehensive Environmental Justice Enforcement Strategy (see pdf below). To me it sounds like a lot of time-wasting, money-sucking, busy-bodying … but what do I know?

SCOTUS: It’s illegal, but Dems agree with the protesters, so what the hey.

CLICK [:20] to hear what one of Justice Alito’s neighbors did while pro-aborts shrieked outside his home. Remember, my friends. THIS is how we win, because we are not fighting an earthly war, but a spiritual one.

SENATE: Schumer’s bid to legislate Roe failed with a 49-51 vote, with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) crossing the aisle to vote pro-life. The Dems’ goal was to force all states to offer abortion services at any time and for any reason, including via telemedicine, and to bar states from limiting limiting abortion for any reason that doesn’t “significantly advances the safety of abortion services or health of patients and [that] cannot be achieved through less restrictive means.” The bill would have eliminated all state heartbeat, viability, and pain-capable restrictions, bans on partial birth and dismemberment procedures, as well as waiting periods, parental consent, ultrasound, etc.

It positively sickens me that 49 senators voted FOR this, especially Sen. Bob Casey, D-PA, who campaigned as a “pro-life Democrat” and claims to be Catholic. Casey defended his support for the radical abortion legislation saying “circumstances” have “changed.” No, Bob, they haven’t. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8

TROLL: FAUXTUS called Trump “the Great MAGA King” and Trump responded with the above. ROFL

TWITTER: Elon’s takeover cannot come too soon.

GRAMMY NOTES: One of my favorite woodworking YouTubers is Cam at Blacktail Studios. His commentary is interesting and he makes beautiful tables, but mostly I enjoy his humor. My favorite part is when he posts a Troll (graphic) at the end, cuz he’s so good at the comebacks. On one of his videos, when he does the routine spiel about liking, subscribing, and leaving comments, he also gives a shout out to the trolls who hit the thumbs down or leave negative comments. According to YouTube’s algorithms, any interaction helps promote his channel (which makes him more money). “If you really don’t want to help me out, then don’t do or say anything.” LOLOL

CLICK You might want a tissue.

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