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BABIES: In addition, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which provide clothing, equipment, etc., are often run by or at least affiliated with Catholic parishes. LINK: If you or someone you know is desperately in need of baby formula, check out the links.

EASTER MEDITATION: [14:08] – A follow up to the video I posted yesterday. Close examination of the Shroud of Turin image reveals many hidden items. My favorite part of this is the evidence that Jesus was not completely naked on the cross, but wore a belted loincloth concealing His man parts.

ENERGY: The Biden administration has canceled U.S. oil and gas production lease sales in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

Utility operators across the country are warning of high prices and possible blackouts throughout the summer.

FAUCI: I can’t imagine why people have stopped trusting what this man says … /sarc.

FAUXTUS: Speaking of supporting the born … what exactly are pro-aborts doing about the baby formula crisis? The FAUXTUS administration isn’t even going to bother meeting to talk about it until May 25th! Even worse, they now claim that they’ve been “aware” of the problem since February, that they put a “team on this,” and even developed an “interagency process.”

When asked about it, retiring Spox Psaki said Biden has been working on the problem for months. But he hasn’t said a single word about it. And when new Spox Karine Jean-Pierre was asked, “Who’s running point on the formula issue at the White House?”, she giggled and said she didn’t know. Clearly, hungry American babies are low on the list of Democrat priorities.

When asked what distraught parents should do about not having formula, oh-so-compassionate Democrat Psaki said, CLICK [:19] ::smh::

HOLLYWEIRD: Yup. Rob Reiner has us all summed up in one mean tweet. The following are other pithy political analyses from past tweets by the Meathead.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a lying sack of crap.”

Lauren Boebert is a racist, white nationalist who hates Muslims.

When Susan Collins voted to confirm Kavanaugh, she turned her back “on women who have been traumatized by sexual assault.”

It’s okay to boo First Lady Melania Trump, because she’s “married to a Criminal who’s destroying Democracy.

Ivanka Trump “clearly doesn’t stand for women’s rights and has no business holding a job in the Trump administration.”

CALVIN KLEIN: Bette Midler tweeted that mothers desperate to find formula for their infants should’ve just been breastfeeding. “It’s free and available on demand.”

Oh noes! Bette is a transphobe!! Because CLEARLY, the pregnant “man” in the Calvin Klein ad has not had “bottom surgery” to remove her uterus and turn her vagina into a fake penis. But she has had her mammary glands removed; you can see the scars in the photo. Thus, she will not be able to breastfeed that baby.

KINDNESS: Years ago, when I was running errands with four little ones in the car, my clutch cable snapped just as I was paused to wait for a gap so I could turn left. I was right under the lights at a very busy crossing. The street I was on was a four lane highway that ran through town; the street I needed to turn to was a major thoroughfare that connected the highway to the center of town.

As soon as I realized my car was going nowhere, I quickly herded the kids out of the car and over to the nearest sidewalk where I told them in my sternest I Am Not Kidding voice, “Put your backs against that wall, hold hands, and DO NOT MOVE.” They were terrified.

Then I turned to address the car, which was amazingly parked in a miraculously open space right on the corner my car had been headed toward. Having seen my predicament, numerous kind people had leaped into action to push it to safety.

I gathered the kids, fed the meter, and walked to my parents’ shop to ask for advice. When my brother heard my story, he immediately tossed me his cars keys and told me to get the kids home, that he’d take care of getting my car towed and repaired. ::sniff::

LANDING: I’ve seen this scenario on t.v. and in the movies and often wondered if it was possible for someone with no flight training to land a plane safely. CLICK [:52] to hear a longer clip from the radio.

NETFLIX: The entertainment giant has read the bottom line and done a 180 on wokeness. The employee who led the Dave Chappelle protest walk out has been fired and the rest of them have been notified that they can suck it up or leave. Excerpts from the memo:

“Viewers have very different tastes and points of view, so we offer a wide variety of TV shows and movies and let viewers decide what’s appropriate for them. If you’d find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you. [edited for clarity only]

PRUDENTIAL: The Fortune 500 company is ending its ‘rona vaxxx mandate. “Sounds like Prudential doesn’t see much benefit in mRNA vaccines for Covid. But what would they know? They’re only the largest American health and life insurance company by assets. Not like they have a lot of data to check…” – Alex Berenson

S&G: Four year olds in junior kindergarten at T’lisa̱lagi’lakw School in Alert Bay, British Columbia, came home with this worksheet. Jesse James at Not the Bee wrote, “Imagine a man coming up to your 5-year-old daughter in the park and asking her this question. You’d punch that stupid groomer in the face so fast his skull would break the speed of freaking sound. … Most people would agree that conversations about sex are appropriate for high-school health classes (although we all differ greatly on what curriculum should be taught). But no one (except for groomers) wants even high-school kids being instructed to draw pictures about sexual fantasies and practices.”

TRANS: A recent survey of 1,200 likely voters in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin shows the Dem’s extreme agenda is unpopular with voters.

Do you support laws to protect women’s sports at the K-12 and collegiate levels? 56% yes vs. 33% no.

Do you support laws banning puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and physical sex change surgeries for children? 56% yes vs. 31% no.

Do you support laws that prohibit sexual instruction in kindergarten through third grade? 60% yes vs. 34% no.

Do you support laws requiring schools to notify parents if their child identifies in class as transgender? 59% yes vs. 30% no.

TRUMP: From the Babylon Bee: “For lo, a danger to all humanity has appeared above the D.C. skyline: ULTRA MAGA MAN, the final form of dangerous former president, insurrectionist, and taco bowl enthusiast Donald Trump. Having finally absorbed the powers of his defeated haters and all the ‘sad, pathetic losers’ he’s roasted over the years, Trump morphed into the most powerful version of himself yet.

Dumbocrats really deserve their moniker. Every single time they try to mock The Donald, he embraces whatever it is and turns it into a positive. Remember all the sneering after he tweeted “covfefe”? He put it on coffee mugs. And now that FAUXTUS has dubbed him King Trump, leader of the Ultra MAGA, he is embracing that as well.

VAXXX: As of Jan 15, 2021, 31.1 million doses of vaxxx had been distributed and 12.2 million doses had been administered.

GRAMMY NOTES: I downloaded a set of rosary virtues coloring pages. This one is for today, because my baby girl has been released from the hospital and is home again with her family!!! We’re still waiting on the tumor biopsy, but so far so good!!!

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