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CENSUS: They’ve already redistricted states and changed congressional apportionment based on the 2020 census numbers. So golly gee whiz, can you imagine that now we find out they significantly undercounted the populations of Red states that have been gaining population, while significantly overcounting the populations of Blue states that have been losing population. IOW, they handed Democrats an unfair advantage that will last for ten years.

CRICKETS: The day after Robby Mook’s bombshell testimony, Ari Fleischer searched the New York Slime for a story about it. He found “stories about the 1/6 investigation, abortion, Ginni Thomas, and the decline of the Bush family. But not a word about one of the worst, most damaging dirty tricks that helped launch three years of bitter animosity.”

Margot Cleveland tweeted, “So @ABCWorldNews had time to cover Monkey Pox & lawsuit against driver of “self-driving” @Telsa (surprised @elonmusk?) but no mention of Sussmann trial or Mook saying Hillary okayed Alfa Bank hoax peddling.

DEMOCRATS: It’s always about racism, even when it’s totally not. CLICK [1:08] to hear Michael Eric Dyson expose his total ignorance about the impact abortion has had on Black demographics, in part because of Black ministers like him preaching Margaret Sanger’s gospel.

EASTER MEDITATION: CLICK [44:19] to listen to Dr. Zev Zelenko talk with Mike Adams about what he had learned about COVID-19 and the mRNA “vaccines” as of October 2021 when this was recorded. I am posting this as part of my Easter Meditation series, because I believe we need to understand and pray about the spiritual aspects of all this if we are to navigate the End Times without losing our salvations.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:49] to see Biden wear his mask as he walks alone all the way down the steps of AF1, only to take it off to greet everyone face to face.

GEORGIA: The state just held its first election since passing stricter voter ID requirements. Contrary to the Left’s shrieking that the law would suppress the Black vote, early voting actually broke the state’s previous high record.

When the bill passed, Biden called it “Jim Crow 2.0.” Sen. Raphael Warnock said, “They are trying to silence us.” At CNN, April Ryan called the GOP the “anti-browning party.” At MSNBC, Joy Reid opined, “This is the end of democracy in America.” And at CBS, Stephen Colbert declared the law showed that Republicans would throw Jesus in jail. The MLB even pulled the All-Star Game out of Atlanta over the law … then moved it to a state with even more voter regulations than Georgia’s.

The Dems’ problem, of course, was not that the new regs would make it harder for Blacks to vote, but that they made it harder for Democrats to cheat.

LIFE: Be sure to CLICK [:10] … over and over and over. So beautiful!

MUELLER: The Special Counsel and his staff of 40 agents and 19 DOJ lawyers spent two years and $40 million investigating the Trump campaign. They issued over 2,800 subpoenas, executed almost 500 search warrants, and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses. Yet they “somehow” never uncovered the fact that Hillary Clinton had personally approved of and participated in the whole Trump-Russia hoax.

PSA: Must watch! [:29] – Dearest has been in construction for half a century. He had never seen or heard of this trick before!

VAXXX: Another healthy young male has died after getting jabbed. Twelve days after the first dose, he spiked a fever. The next day, he suffered abdominal pain and vomiting; and then he died. The autopsy showed his cause of death was myocarditis.

The CDC has started recommending kids get boosted, because their study showed the risk of cardiac complication was higher with infection than with vaccination. I’m seeing several problems with this.

One, if you take care of your health and boost your immune system as the Frontline docs recommend, your chances of catching more than a mild case of the virus is way, way less than 100%. But if you get the jab, your chances of getting jabbed are 100%.

Two, critics of the CDC study have noted that the methodology was fundamentally flawed, because it totally ignored the vast numbers of people who get the virus and recover without complications. To get real results about the relative risks of cardiac injury for vaxxx vs. infection, they should have counted everybody who caught COVID, including the ones who never got sick enough to need hospitalization.

Three, the CDC ignores the undeniable fact that recovering from the virus imparts durable, broad, and probably lifelong immunity, whereas the vaxxx only reduces the severity of infections for a while, after which it needs boosting, which in turn exposes you to more risk of adverse side effects. To get a real assessment of relative risks, they need to add up all of the risks of all the injuries that having multiple shots cause.

Dr. John Campbell does a deep dive into ‘rona stats on YouTube. Initially, he was pro-vaxxx, but after the virus mutated into a milder form and the jabs proved to cause serious adverse reactions while simultaneously becoming less and less effective, he changed his tune. As I recall, he said something like, “We can debate whether it was worth it at the beginning. Now, no. It’s not. You’re better off catching the virus.” (My memory of watching one of his videos.)

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