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BIRTHS: In the nine months prior to January-May of 2022, the UK was busily vaccinating fertile and pregnant women, claiming there was “no evidence” the jabs affected fertility. If they continue to say that after what’s been happening with birth rates, not just in the UK, but everywhere they vaxxxed, then they’re big fat liars!

Of course, reducing the world’s population was a prime objective of the people who designed the virus and the vaxxx, then canceled anyone who found safe, effective treatments for the virus and demonized anyone who refused the jab. So I’m guessing they’re tickled pink about the drop in births.

N.b., birth rates vary seasonally, so it is important to watch not just month to month trends, but also how each month compares with the same month in previous years.

CHILD SACRIFICE: CLICK to hear CINO Nancy tell it, we’re vile sinners for wanting to protect innocent little babies. She claims to be a devout follower of God Almighty, but He considers child sacrifice an abomination, so I’m thinking maybe she’s mistaken Him for Baal or Moloch.

PURGATORY: [11:01] – The existence of Purgatory is Catholic doctrine, but the only details we have about what it’s like come from private revelation. While we are not bound to believe anything that falls into that category, at least some of these people have since been declared saints, which makes them pretty reliable sources. I am grateful for the stuff in the video about “wandering souls”, because I have had two experiences in which I believe I spoke with this type of soul.

The first was when I was praying in church before daily Mass. I knew she was the soul of an aborted child who had been wandering for 12 years. I told her, “You must forgive your mother for murdering you. Then you can go be with God.” She nodded and walked up the aisle, passed through the altar, and went into the Tabernacle. In my mind, I named her “Hope.” A while later, Father came to celebrate Mass. I was the only one there, so he asked me to do the reading. I picked up the Lectionary and saw the first line of that day’s reading was “Hope in God.” Then I burst into tears, because it seemed that God had confirmed my experience was real.

The second one happened at night in my bedroom. A man I’d known quite well, who had been dead for 5 years, came to me and asked about moving on from the place he was in. I knew he had been a very good man, but not a Christian. I said, “You have to accept Jesus as your Savior.” He asked why and I remembered a conversation we’d had once about truth. He had made enormous sacrifices in his life in service of something unpopular in his profession. When I asked why he had done it, he said, “Because it’s true.” So I told him, “Because it’s true.” He nodded and went away. I did not get any confirmation on that one.

VIOLENCE: CLICK [1:46] to see a stunning political ad.

GRAMMY NOTES: I was going through my computer file back ups, looking for some photos for a project Army Princess is doing, and found this. For a few years in the mid-1990s, I was well enough to do stained glass. This is probably the most difficult piece I completed. It was my own design.


CLICK – hungry bears

CLICK – race the car

CLICK – wow!


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  1. That sure is some fine stained-glass work.

    Small problem with Bits & Bytes for someone like me— too much that’s comment-worthy, from the top poster to the bottom smile.

    I think, weeks back, I wrote a long comment about my upbringing & thoughts re afterlife, Purgatory, et al. Luckily for everyone, as I recall, it didn’t get sent. 😀

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