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BLOOD CLOTS: [2:20] – A healthy high school athlete had six feet of long blood clots removed from his legs. He’s lucky to be alive, but his football career is over. Gee, I “wonder” what would cause a healthy young man to develop long blood clots?

If only we had countless examples of similar blood clots, heart issues, and sudden cardiac deaths in young people around the world, and if only we could correspond those abnormalities with some kind of lab leak, viral event, or pharmaceutical treatment that was mass prescribed during a certain timeframe.” – Harambe

BORDER: In the space of three days last week, Border Patrol agents encountered 2,690 illegals. Among them were ten sex offenders, four gang members, a murderer, 100 fentanyl pills, and 71 pounds of methamphetamine. BP agents also made 91 rescues. CLICK to hear Lori Lightfoot’s outrage at Gov. Abbott’s decision to let her city share some of the “wealth.”

CALIFORNICATION: A heat wave has put too much strain on the “green” California electrical system, leading to a Level 3 (highest) energy emergency. Rolling blackouts are imminent. Just days after signing yet another greenie law mandating that Californians buy only electric cars by 2035, Gov. Newsom told owners of electric vehicles not to charge their cars between 4 pm to 10 pm.

CATHOLIC: Angels can’t read our minds, but they can often tell what we’re thinking based on physical cues such as facial expressions. This is especially true for our guardian angels who have been with us since conception. However, God allows angels to know specific thoughts that we willfully desire to communicate to them. I recite the Guardian Angel prayer most every day, but I always substitute “teach” for “rule.”

COLLUSION: The attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri have sued the government over alleged collusion with Big Tech firms such as Facebook. Fauci, KJP, and other top Biden administration officials have refused to provide plaintiffs with requested information. On Sept. 6, the judge ordered them to cough it all up within 21 days.

DISNEY: [1:49] – A new animated show titled “Little Demon” is filled with satanic imagery, animated gore, and graphic violence. Satan, voiced by Danny DeVito, is depicted as an average, middle-aged, cardigan-wearing suburban dad. His daughter, Lucy DeVito, is both an executive producer and the voice of Chrissy Feinberg, the 13 yo daughter of Satan and a human mother. My dd’s response: “I need to add the DeVito family to my prayer list.” Indeed!

EXCESS DEATHS: Insurance company data shows death rates among working age Americans have gone up 40% on average from pre-pandemic levels. During the third quarter of 2021, the 25-to-34 group went up 78%, while the 35-to-44 group went up 100%.

Of course, we mustn’t ask if the dead were jabbed. It is only permissible to publicize a person’s UNvaxxx status for purposes of preventing them from entering restaurants, airplanes, and Canada.

FAUXTUS: CLICK to hear FAUXTUS give us yet another new nickname … even as he spouts yet another lie.

His Adolf-styled demonization of “Trumpies” isn’t winning him any friends. Trafalgar asked 1,084 likely voters, “What is your opinion of President Biden’s recent primetime address to the nation in which he accused his political opponents of representing ‘an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic’?

Responses offered were either “It represents a dangerous escalation in rhetoric designed to incite conflict among Americans”, “It is acceptable campaign messaging that is to be expected in a campaign year”, or “I don’t know/No opinion. Overall, 56.8% chose “dangerous,” while 35.5% chose ”acceptable.

However, Trafalgar’s survey population does not match Gallup’s latest Political Affiliation poll, which I believe caused the overall “dangerous” number to be lower and the “acceptable” number to be higher than they really are.

Democrats: 7 out of 10 chose “acceptable”; population over sampled by 10 points.

Independents: Roughly 2:1 chose “dangerous” to “acceptable”; population under sampled by 15 points.

Republicans: 9 out of 10 chose “dangerous”; population over sampled by 8 points.

MAGA: Twitchy posted an interesting thread about why women vote Republican. Democrat women say that the Republican women they know only vote that way because their husbands tell them to. Republican women say:

I value faith, family, and freedom, whereas Democrats worship the environment, have no respect for families and family values, and reject the idea of personal freedom.”

I value the sanctity of life, children not being sexualized by their teachers, and ensuring every kid can get access to a good school.”

My retirement money is disappearing. Crime is up. Inflation is at an all time high. We are a laughing stock on the world stage. Should I keep going?”

VAXXX: [17:06] – British Dr. Campbell verifies the claim that our FDA authorized the ‘rona boosters based on lab testing of a total of eight mice. Best comment – “Patient: Does it guarantee immunity? Doctor: Only for the manufacturers.”

GRAMMY NOTES: The Mascots finished out the Labor Day week-end with backyard S’mores.



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