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2A: After a local resident sued in federal court, the District of Columbia ditched a regulation limiting how much ammunition a concealed-carry handgun permit holder may carry. This is the second time in under a year that civil rights activist Dick Heller has been able to force D.C. to amend a gun law.

BORDER: Border states are keeping up the pressure on sanctuary supporters, with a third bus full of line cutters arriving at VP Harris’ home in D.C. on Saturday. Another wave of buses also arrived at Port Authority in New York City. CLICK

CALIFORNICATION: CINO Gov. Newsom is using taxpayer funds to encourage women in seven pro-life states to come to Cali to kill their unborn babies. Even more vile, the billboards feature the words of Jesus Christ to promote the idea that ending a pregnancy is a holy act.

CHICOMS: Hong Kong’s Catholic Cardinal Joseph Zen was arrested in May and is set to go on trial on September 19. When asked, “Do you consider the trial against him a violation of religious freedom?“, Francis produced a word salad worthy of Kamala Harris. The only one thing out of this, which is that he absolutely did not want to be clear about his lack of support for Cardinal Zen.

To understand China takes a century, and we do not live for a century. The Chinese mentality is a rich mentality, and when it gets a little sick, it loses its richness; it is capable of making mistakes. In order to understand we have chosen the path of dialogue, open to dialogue.

There is a bilateral Vatican-Chinese commission that is going well, slowly, because the Chinese pace is slow, they have an eternity to go forward: they are a people of endless patience. From the experiences we had before: we think of the Italian missionaries who went there and were respected as scholars; think also today, so many priests or believers who are called on by Chinese universities because this gives value to the culture. It is not easy to understand the Chinese mentality, but it should be respected, I always respect this. And here in the Vatican, there is a dialogue commission that is going well, chaired by Cardinal Parolin and he is the person right now who knows the most about China and dialogue with the Chinese. It is a slow process, but steps forward are always being made.

Qualifying China as undemocratic, I do not identify with that, because it’s such a complex country … yes, it is true that there are things that seem undemocratic to us, that is true. Cardinal Zen is going to trial these days, I think. And he says what he feels, and you can see that there are limitations there. More than qualifying, because it is difficult, and I do wish to qualify, they are impressions, and I try to support the path of dialogue.

Then, in the dialogue you clarify many things and not only about the Church, also about other areas; for example the extent of China, the governors of the provinces who are all diverse. There are different cultures within China, it is a giant, and understanding China is an enormous thing. But you do not have to lose patience, it takes a lot, but we have to go with dialogue, I try to refrain from qualifying it… but let us go forward.”

COVID-19: Global health authorities have issued “strong” recommendations against using either sotrovimab and casirivimab-imdevimab, as they are unlikely to be effective against currently spreading variants.

DISCOVERY: File this one under “Duh!” The author of Ecclesiastes figured that out more than two millennia ago. “I said in my heart: I will go, and abound with delights, and enjoy good things. And I saw that this also was vanity.” – Ecclesiastes 2:1

EFFING BEE: CLICK [7:11] to hear Sen. Josh Hawley get a Facebook executive admit they have coordinated with the Biden administration to censor constitutionally protected speech. One of the characteristics of fascism is government control of private companies.

FBI: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) says he has received information from a whistleblower showing that, after the fibbies investigated and found certain conservative groups to be not a threat, they went ahead and slapped a “domestic violent extremism” designation on them! In addition, FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Strategic Unit has apparently ignored violent left-wing groups.

At the link below, Project Veritas published an internal FBI document entitled “Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide” designed to help agents hone in on domestic terror threats. The symbols include the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden Flag, the Liberty Tree, and Revolutionary War imagery. They do not include any of the symbolism employed by left-wing groups that have actually burned down cities and killed people.

SCHOOL SAFETY BILL: [7:43] – Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) blocked two bills to use COVID-19 stimulus funds to bolster school security and mental health resources for students. He gave no reason.

WEST VIRGINIA: Republican Gov. Jim Justice has signed into law a sweeping pro-life bill banning nearly all abortions. The Republican-led legislature voted overwhelmingly to pass the measure, which prohibits abortion from the moment of implantation except to save the life of the mother or for babies conceived in rape or incest.

The “moment of implantation” distinction allows for the use of abortifacients such as IUDs, low-dose birth control pills, and morning after pills, none of which prevent conception.

Abortionists who violate the law could face the revocation of their medical license or felony charges and up to 10 years in prison. The law went into effect immediately, leading West Virginia’s only remaining abortion clinic to announce it would remain open to offer services other than abortion, such as STD testing, contraception, and trans hormones.

GRAMMY NOTES: Easier said than done for us old folks who learned to type back in the olden days! The lessons drilled into us by a stern-faced typing teacher wielding the dreaded Red Pen of Doom are not so easily dismissed. Add to that the fact that Some of us learned on MANUAL typewriters. Do you have any idea how much oomph it took to get those keys to not only strike, but also to advance the carriage?! That’s a lot of muscle memory to overcome. And I’ll thank you for noticing that I did not use a period double space in this comment. (Checks final claim for the third time … yup, all good.)


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  1. “Even more vile, the billboards feature the words of Jesus Christ to promote the idea that ending a pregnancy is a holy act.”

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