Stork Buses

Apart from the rosary, I think these may be the single most effective tool in the fight against abortion.

The following was posted to Save the Storks’ FB page:

A refugee couple from Afghanistan was facing a new worry. The wife was pregnant, and they had nowhere to turn.

Though they could read little English, they recognized the word “pregnancy” plastered in bold letters on the side of our unit.

The husband spoke in halting English of his concern for his pregnant wife.

Without money, they didn’t think anyone would be willing to confirm a pregnancy.

We asked if they wanted a pregnancy test and they accepted by nodding their heads.

The test was positive, but when she told them, they didn’t understand right away.

Repeating herself, simplifying her words, she was finally able to make it clear.

When we asked what they planned to do, they couldn’t tell us. They didn’t know what they wanted.

We helped the expectant mother onto the exam table, and our RN performed the ultrasound.

She tried pointing out the intricacies of the little life on the screen. The baby was there, but the couple wasn’t grasping anything the nurse was trying to show them.

After exhausting what little English they knew, she looked at the screen herself and searched for something they might understand.

She positioned the ultrasound probe and put a hand on her chest. “Heart, heartbeat,” she said, tapping her chest again.

They looked from the nurse to the screen, peering closer.

Heartbeat,” she repeated.

The husband’s eyes widened. His mouth hung open. The nurse tried talking to him further, looking for a response, but he sat motionless.

After a few seconds of silence, he uttered a word under his breath in a thick accent.

He turned to his wife. “Heartbeat!” he said in a different language.

Her smile widened tentatively with his. Clasping hands, they stared at the screen in wonder.

Though born on the other side of the world, these two people stumbled upon our mobile clinic at just the right time.

And now three lives have been changed for the better because of one, simple word.

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