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ANTI-CHRIST: Last week, I wrote about why I think the Anti-Christ is 77 years old and today I got to pondering what it might signify numerologically were he to rise to power this year. I mean, three represents God’s perfection and Jesus started His ministry in his 30th year and died and rose again in his 33d year, right? So … just spitballing here. In the Bible, seven represents completeness, while three sevens represent the Trinity. So, in a way, 77 could represent a fake Son of Man, one who aspires to be God, but isn’t. Like the Anti-Christ.

ARIZONA: On Saturday, more than two dozen pro-life and pro-conservative laws took effect, including a ban on abortion at 15 weeks, with the only exception being to save the mother’s life. I think maybe this one is subsumed by a complete abortion ban from 1901 that SCOTUS allowed the state to enforce once more.

There are also now several bans on allowing government to infringe on individual freedoms with mandates to mask, vaxxx, or shut down, as well as a new requirement to provide proof of citizenship, birthplace, and current residency to vote in federal elections.

CATHOLIC: [7:12] – Catholic YouTuber Amber Rose talks about why and how to veil.

FAUCI: In a new book, two former Trump White House officials wrote, “[I]n January 2020, [Fauci] said the virus was nothing to worry about for the American people. Then in the months that followed, he said that people should not wear masks and that they were ineffective. By June or July, he had changed his tune and said everyone should be very concerned and that they should wear multiple masks and goggles.

I vividly recall my blood boiling during an infuriating meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, when Fauci laughed about his own goggles comment, making it clear how cynical he was and that he could get people to believe anything. … [he] went on to laugh about how ‘ass-backwards’ it was that people entered a restaurant wearing a mask, then sat down and conversed with people without a mask. Of course, he wasn’t saying things to that effect publicly, just laughing privately at the American rubes he was fooling.”

Evidence has long since shown that masking was largely ineffective at limiting the spread of COVID.

FAUXTUS: “Honestly, I’m surprised the Red Scare Speech didn’t do more to bring us together.” – Nevada Brad

FATHER COLUMBA: [8:08] – I’m busy chopping up a bunch of cabbage for home-fermented sauerkraut, so the salt part of Fr. Columba’s excellent talk stuck out for me. I know fermented veg needs salt, but why, I wondered? And would understanding the why add anything to Jesus’ statement from the Sermon on the Mount? Here’s what I found:

Salt is very important from a safety perspective. You have no control over the mix of good and bad bacteria in your veg and, on their own, the good ones will not always overwhelm the bad ones.

Salt favors the good ones (i.e., lactobacillus), which is adapted to the saline environment in our guts, so adding it to the culture helps them to thrive and overwhelm the nasties, preventing putrefaction.

Salt also draws water out of the cells of the veg and hardens the pectin, which gives the kraut more crunch. And it discourages yeast, which can give a boozy flavor to the veg.

Sooooo … it’s very beneficial to have spiritually salty people in the ferment of our culture. (Ha ha … see what I did there?) The cool thing is that ‘kraut only needs 2% salt. Just think what that means for how vital our role is, if only we will be truly salty?!

IRAN: [2:01] – In the video, two anonymous women in the Iranian underground church warn that the West that the rhetoric in President Joe Biden’s September 1 speech is “almost identical to the things said by the Iranian government” and that “two years ago, the Lord showed us that persecution we live with here in Iran is quickly coming to the United States and to the West. … Dear friends, please hear us: The final period of testing is coming quickly. Now is the hour … to stand firmly for Jesus, no matter what it costs you.”

MICHIGAN: On Tuesday, Sept. 20, an 84-year-old pro-life volunteer was going door to door in her community to talk about Proposal 3. As she was leaving one residence, somebody in the house shot her in the back. She is recovering from her wound and wishes to remain anonymous while the criminal investigation proceeds.

Proposal 3 will appear on the midterm ballot. If it passes, it will amend the state constitution to establish a fundamental right to reproductive freedom, including prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum care, contraception, sterilization, abortion care, miscarriage management, and infertility care.

VAXXX: Well, will you look at this? Yet another tin-foil hat conspiracy theory has been proven to be absotively true. They assured us that it was “not biologically possible for the vaccine to shed or affect unvaccinated people.” That was a big fat lie, which Pfizer and the FDA knew. Now, finally, someone has published in JAMA that, for at least the first 48 hours after injection, an unpredictable amount of the mRNA can show up in mother’s milk.

Remember that Pfizer data the FDA tried so hard to hide for 75 years? One of the factoids in there is that that 133 vaxxx test subjects were breastfeeding and that 17 of their infants suffered adverse reactions. Three of these reactions were labeled “serious” and one of the babies died. Clearly, breastfeeding within 48 hours of the jab is not safe for infants. Is anyone telling the moms?

VFAUXTUS: CLICK [:32] if you can bear it. I had to stop after 15 seconds. She’s in Japan representing the U.S. at the funeral of their assassinated Prime Minister. “We also share a common goal and bond as it relates to our dedication to… the work that we will continue to do to ensure that we are guided by what we are joined in in terms of international rules and norms.” She can use more words to say nothing than anyone I’ve ever known. And since I grew up across the street from Cornell University, that is saying something.

GRAMMY NOTES: I know … it looks like they’re just playing a game. But really, it’s “pattern matching and fine motor strengthening.” I love home school!



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