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BACK THE BLUE: CLICK [:41] to see newly released body camera video showing how a marksman ended a 16-minute shooting spree in Tacoma on Aug. 28. The perp apparently shot at a relative, then when cops arrived, started shooting at them. Christopher Munn ended the gun battle when he took down the shooter with a single bullet shot from 183 yards away.

BORDER: DHS reports that the Venezuelan government is purposely freeing prison inmates and sending them north in migrant caravans. They include rapists and murderers.

The Biden administration has awarded $41.3 million in federal contracts to the Acacia Center for Justice, a Washington-based nonprofit that has also received millions from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. The Acacia Center helps illegals fight deportation.

FAUCI: Over the span of the pandemic, the Fauci household’s disclosed net worth increased from $7.6 million (Jan. 1, 2019) to over $12.6 million (Dec. 31, 2021). While small businesses were crushed into oblivion by his lockdowns, he was raking in obscene profits. May God have mercy on his soul.

PHILADELPHIA: Democrat and former U.S. Rep. Michael “Ozzie” Myers (79) has been sentenced to 30 months in prison, three years supervised release, and ordered to pay $100,000 in fines for his part in orchestrating ballot stuffing between 2014 and 2018. The judge said the harsh sentence was because Myers had already served 3 years for a similar crime back in the 1980s and had apparently not learned his lesson. Well, why would he bother? The Philadelphia Democrat Machine rewards corruption!

In 1986, Democrat Councilman Lee Beloff was convicted on charges of conspiracy, voting more than once and giving false information on voter registrations to elderly people living in a nursing home. (My, my, doesn’t that sound familiar.) Beloff had previously received a gubernatorial pardon for interfering with a poll watcher so he could run for public office. After serving 6 years of his 10 year sentence, Beloff got out and became a Democrat ward chairman. “We stay loyal to our people,” a local Democratic ward leader said. IOW, cheat good and we’ll take care of youse.

The third guy in the photo above is Bob Brady, Chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party. He’s famous for spending 20 years in the House, having won every election with over 80% of the vote. He only stepped down after the FBI found his campaign had paid his opponent $90,000 to drop out of the race. Two of his aides were sent to jail in the case, but not Brady. After getting out, one of the aides went right back to working with Brady and other Democrat leaders on the fight to help Biden win Pennsylvania. Gee, I wonder how they’d go about doing that …

TREASON: The woman and her husband/wife? above have been charged with trying to give sensitive military medical records to a Russian agent who was actually an undercover FBI agent. Major Lee, the Army’s first trans officer, is an internist at Fort Bragg, NC. His/her wife is an instructor of anesthesiology at Johns Hopkins.

VAXXX: The FDA is refusing a FOIA request for autopsy reports for the 9,800 some people whose deaths following a ‘rona jab were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). They claim “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy,” but any and all identifying information would be easy to redact. Kinda makes you wonder what they’re hiding.

GRAMMY NOTES: I was having a really hard day when this came out of my paintbrush.


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