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BERKLEY: The University of Californication charges parents big bucks to turn their kids into anti-semitic racists. First, they opened The Person of Color Theme House, a five-story, 30-room home for “marginalized students of color.” It has become known for excluding white and biracial-but-too-white guests of residents. Residents are also not allowed to bring relatives into the house if said relatives don’t share the management’s mandated left-think.

Now the School of Law has added “No Jews Allowed.” They began this new academic year by amending bylaws to exclude any and all speakers that support Israel or Zionism. Berkeley Law’s Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, a progressive Zionist, has observed that he himself would be banned under this standard, as would 90% of his Jewish students. But I’m quite sure that the divisiveness is entirely the fault of those stupid Jews who won’t stop their wrong-think so they can be all unity and peace with the tolerant Jew haters.

CAPITALISM: CLICK to hear a dimwitted college student declare that capitalism doesn’t work. I can easily add my two cents of personal experience to what Ben Shapiro said. In 1965 and again in 1972, I had the incredible privilege of traveling behind the Iron Curtain.

In Budapest, a lady stopped us and asked if the scar on my leg was from the war. I asked my mother, “What war?” She showed me the bullet holes in the building we were standing beside and told me they’d had a war there. The idea of people having to live through a war in their own home town blew my little 11-year-old mind away.

Later, when I was 18, I got to tour Leningrad and Moscow. The tour guide told us how much she hated being forced to work when all she wanted was to be a SAHM to her toddler. And she didn’t even have much choice in jobs. They said, “This or this”, and she said, “I chose tour guide, because I thought I’d hate it less than the other one.” She begged us to give her the paperbacks we’d gotten to read on the plane and the maid in the hotel wanted to buy my clothes. We weren’t allowed to sell anything and I was pretty sure my mom would’ve had a cow if I’d given my brand new clothes to a stranger, but honestly, I wish I’d been able to do it.

The women’s clothing was all so poor in quality and it all looked alike. My current dentist was 5 years old and living in Moscow when I was there. She has told me a little about her life before she and her husband got out, about sharing an apartment with other families, because housing was so scarce. And when she was engaged, she stood in line for hours and hours and hours to get a chance at a wedding dress. Nobody was allowed in with her, not even her mom. And the selection was extremely limited, as in, “Buy it or don’t buy it. But that’s all the choice you’re going to get.” Everybody carried around lists of names and sizes, because whenever you saw a line, you just got in it and bought whatever you could provided it wasn’t sold out before you got there.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [1:42] to see an excellent supercut set to The Wanderer. FYI: I got creeped out by :30 and turned it off.

NORTH DAKOTA: After Shannon Brandt (41) ran down Cayler Ellington (18) for being a “right wing extremist”, he was charged with vehicular homicide and released on bail.

But then investigators found little to no damage to the front of Brandt’s vehicle, while the autopsy showed that Ellington wasn’t killed by being hit with a vehicle, but by being run over by one while he was on the ground.

Also, Ellington’s phone showed he called his mother twice. She says that, at 2:34 a.m., he asked if he should maybe call his cousins or posse, then again at 2:42 a.m. saying something to the effect of they are after me or he is after me.

The Foster County State’s Attorney has upgraded its charges against Brandt to Murder (maximum penalty: life imprisonment without parole). Thankfully, the thug has been re-arrested and is behind bars.

PENNSYLVANIA: CLICK [:47] to hear the post-stroke, Democrat candidate who wears sweats to campaign and has a giant, unexplained lump on his neck say, “Please understand…the stakes in this race, send me to Washington DC, to send, so I can work with Senator Casey…and I can champion the union way of life in…Jersey…excuse me, in DC…thank you, thank you very much, and it’s an honor…I live 8 minutes away from here…and when I leave tonight I got…3 miles away Doctor Oz in his mansion in New Jersey…you’ve got a friend and you’ve got an ally, send me to Washington DC…thank you steelworkers.”

VFAUXTUS: Yes, honey. I can see the end zone from the 50 yard line also. She was at Observation Post Ouellette at Camp Bonifas in South Korea, which is apparently where they take all the politicians. At the link there are photos of Obama, Biden, and Clinton going “ooh ahh look I can see it” with the binocs, as well as photos of Trump, Pence, and Sanders scowling at the coiled razor wire the commies have strung across their border.

GRAMMY NOTES: Magritte said his most famous painting was about “the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.” Me, I see an anti-christ. “Son of Man” is a biblical title for the Messiah, which I believe is what the Anti-Christ will claim himself to be. The man in the painting strikes me as a guy who has taken such a big bite of the Eden apple that he has totally subsumed the face God gave him. The super respectable dress, with right hand in sun, left in shadow, make me think of a con artist.


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