There was so much “going to hell in a hand basket” news in today’s feed that I decided to stick it all here so you can skip it all in one go.

ABORTION: CLICK (or not) https://twitter.com/katie4louisiana/status/1576980407849046017 [1:15] to see Katie Darling pimp for abortion rights while showing herself giving birth. Yeah, you really want to skip it. She’s running for Steve Scalise’s seat in Congress.

Meanwhile, Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen “COVID Jackboot” Whitmer, who is running for re-election, sent out these two tweets yesterday. Check out the time stamps.

Our kids are our future — and I’m fighting for them. By closing the school funding gap and investing in public education, we’re giving our students the support they need to thrive. 5:17 PM”

As long as I’m governor, I will fight like hell to defend access to abortion in Michigan. 6:32 PM”

DRAG PEDAGOGY: The above allegedly scholarly article pretends to present an academic basis for exposing preschool children to men who dress up as women. The authors are an assistant professor of Gender & Sexuality Research in Education and Little Miss Hot Mess, a drag performer and board member for Drag Queen Story Hour, author of the children’s book The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish, and Ph.D. candidate in Media, Culture, and Communication.

Sample: “We propose that DQSH offers a particular kind of queer framework – what we call drag pedagogy – for teaching and learning that extends beyond traditional approaches to LGBT curricular inclusion. The themes within drag pedagogy, applicable beyond the context of drag itself, move away from vocabulary lessons and the token inclusion of LGBT heroes to begin to engage deeper understandings of queer cultures and envision new modes of being together. We emphasize that drag pedagogy resists didactic instruction and is not prescriptive. Instead, it artfully invites children into building communities that are more hospitable to queer knowledge and experience.

IOW, let’s just skip all that reading, writing, and arithmetic crap and get right down to grooming little kids to be unfit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

GEORGIA: Michael Deon Wash has been sentenced to 75 years in prison after pleaded guilty to the abuse and murder of his 7-year-old daughter, Kamarie. The little girl’s body was found floating in Lake Allatoona. Her hands had been burned in an apparent effort to make it more difficult for her to be identified. Kamarie’s cause of death was determined to have been blunt force trauma. Investigators learned that Wash and his live-in girlfriend had regularly tormented and withheld food from Kamarie. On the day of her death, Wash had beaten her until her jaw broke. Wash has suddenly decided he identifies as a woman. I’m guessing it’s so he can avoid male prison where child predators are universally despised, and enjoy the perks of living with captive sex partners and punching bags.

GERMANY: A gay rights organization in Berlin is about to launch a “Diverse Living Place.” It will feature 69 apartments (69? Ew!) for “homosexual, bisexual, transsexual and intersex (LGBTI*)” people. Among the services will be two daycare facilities to accommodate approximately 90 children in total. They will have a specialized focus on LGBT education. One of three people on the board overseeing the organization is an academic with a lengthy history of normalizing pedophilia.

OKLAHOMA: Brandon Herd is being held on a $210,000 bond after breaking into a woman’s hotel room, beating the woman inside with a gun, then raping her twice … all while wearing women’s clothes. When police apprehended him, he was wearing a black wig with pink headband, floral crop-top, and black skirt. In addition to the rape and robbery charges, Herd is also facing a charge related to failing to register as a sex offender — indicating he has a previous conviction for sex crimes.

UK: A serial pedophile named John Stephen Dixon (58) was sentenced for 30 counts of sexual abuse of five girls and two boys between 1989 and 1996. The youngest of the victims was just 7 years old at the time. In 2004, Dixon suddenly decided he identifies as a women and was moved to a women’s prison where he has been housed with women, many of whom have themselves been the victims of child sexual abuse.

Recently, he was transferred to a different wing after it was learned that he had starting an abusive relationship with a woman who suffers from learning disabilities and mental health issues. Many of these trannies moving from male to female prisons are biologically intact and have a history of sexually abusing others. The staff say they simply cannot keep the genuinely female prisoners safe from them. The authorities are way, Way, WAY too focused on being woke to give a crap.

VAXXX: Nothing says “We care about public health” like ridiculing dead people (and ignoring the FACT that a whole lot of vaxxxed individuals are also six feet under now). Tweeters had a few things to say:

  • “I missed a cancer diagnosis.”
  • “I was isolated and felt hopeless.”
  • “I overdosed.”
  • “I was stuck at home with my abuser.”
  • “I was scared to go to the hospital when I needed help.”
  • My kids are noticeably behind in school.”
  • I gained 25 lbs.”
  • Where’s the fentanyl graves?”
  • I followed all the precautions, still got it, and was fine a week later.”
  • Glad they stand with Ukraine. The virtue wouldn’t be complete without it.”
  • Working for the CDC is not something to be proud of.”

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