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CLIMATE: They say that 536 CE was the worst year to be alive. Famine was widespread during what has proven to be the coldest year in the last 2300 years. It also inflicted a lot of weird weather on folks around the world. For example, in China, it snowed during the summer, while in South America, they had three months of heavy rain followed by three months of drought. Historians don’t agree on the cause, but we can fershure rule out human fossil fuels!

FACE: [13:07] – An update on Mark Houck’s case by his representative at the Thomas More Society. Houck faces 11 years in prison and up to a $350,000 fine over a case that was dismissed in Philadelphia court. Please pray for his kids who were extremely traumatized by the FBI’s gun-toting SWAT team.

MEDIA: Two days ago, The New York Slime published a highly slanted piece about a stoopid conspiracy theory that right-wingers in tinfoil hats had about the CEO of a small American election software company named Konnech. Today, said CEO has been arrested for exactly what the “conspiracy nutjobs” said he’d done.

MENTAL ILLNESS: CLICK to hear Ben Shapiro make a really good point. I’d go further and say the culture is creating not just mental illness, but also physical and spiritual illness. You can’t go on and on and on being angry all the time; it wears out your endocrine and immune systems and leads to a wide range of autoimmune disorders and cancers. But even more deadly is the eternal damage it does to your soul.

MIDTERMS: CLICK [5:30] to hear Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt look at the Dems’ chances.

PENNSYLVANIA: This is just one of the bizarre “sling mud at the opposition” memes that John Fetterman’s train wreck of a campaign sent out this week.

ROSARY: Exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger speaks on the power of the rosary. [35:14]

GRAMMY NOTES: I realized this morning that it’s been almost a year since I began my draw/paint daily journey. I’ve learned so much and I think it shows. 🙂




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