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BLASPHEMY: I’m posting the link here, but I confess I barely skimmed the article. Just the headline made me want to barf.

DEPROGRAMMED: An heiress talks about her happy, traditional upbringing and how the woke indoctrination at Mount Holyoke College turned her into a bitter, prejudiced bitch with a drinking problem. Her family eventually hired a deprogrammer.

HAWAII: The USGS has put a WARNING, Color Code: REDon the volcano on Mauna Loa. The last time it erupted was in 1984. the region has also suffered more than a dozen earthquakes of more than 2.5 magnitude.

GRAMMY NOTES: I’ve often thought that this commandment gets way too little attention. I mean, suppose God spoke the commands in Exodus 20 in the way ingredients on a food label are listed – i.e., from biggest to smallest? That would put “Don’t use My Name in vain” ahead of murder! (It also puts “Honor your parents” ahead of murder, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

At Catholic Exchange, Brian Kranick writes about the power of the holy name of God as experienced by exorcists. “Demons generally do not and cannot say holy names. Instead, they call Jesus ‘he’ or ‘your Boss.’” Indeed, when an exorcist orders a demon to do something “in the name of Jesus,” the demon must submit! Clearly, there is power here.

So why do we use these holy names so carelessly?! Maybe we could all try what Kranick suggests, which is to not just watch our own mouths, but also to pray for others who misuse holy names. For example, if someone exclaims, “Oh my God” or “Jesus Christ”, add “have mercy on us.”


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