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BABYLON BEE: [3:51] – Pre-Elon HR training. LOL

CHICOMS: [13:20] – The idiots running this country have decided they can order the COVID-19 virus into extinction … ignoring the fact that it can be transmitted between animals and humans, which means it’s endemic. They’re still enforcing lockdowns that are so draconian that people were literally burned alive in their homes because fire fighters couldn’t get to them. There are heart-breaking videos posted at the link. Is it any wonder mass protests have broken out? Sadly, Chinese citizens can’t respond effectively to their tyrannical government, because they have no right to bear arms.

DOE: A senior official in the Biden Energy Department has been charged with felony theft for stealing a $2,325 designer suitcase from the luggage carousel. Airport video surveillance shows Sam Brinton, Biden’s first non-binary appointee, taking the suitcase off the carousel and removing its ID tag. LEOs observed Brinton using the suitcase during at least two subsequent trips. Brinton, who is on leave from the DOE, still has the suitcase, but claims he/she/it didn’t “steal” it.

HAWAII: As Mauna Loa spews ash and lava, Mauna Kea is covered with snow and ice!

MASKS: During the hours-long deposition of Anthony Fauci, he was unable to cite a single study to back up his support for mask mandates.

TRANS: In addition to godless pro-trans “chaplains”, Wisconsin’s Children’s Hospital “Gender Health Clinic” offers wrong-sex hormones and surgical mutilations for minors. They also readily prescribed allegedly “reversible” puberty blockers (off-label) at first visits, despite the fact that nobody knows what the long-term effects are.

TWITTER: CLICK [1:34] to hear a reporter ask what the WH is doing to prevent Twitter from being a vector for “misinformation.” Translation: We liked it when Twitter was being controlled by Leftists who sanitized their propaganda and silenced dissent!

CLICK [:13] to hear Texas Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee state, “It is very well documented that words nowadays can actually break your bones.” It’s not hate speech these people are after; it’s any speech that goes against their Global Elite Cult narratives.

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