Seventh Day of Christmas

1A: The whole point of the First Amendment is to protect speech that someone hates, particularly the someones who have the power to silence their critics.

CATHOLIC: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI passed into eternal life at 9:34 AM this morning in Rome. Please pray with us for the repose of his soul.

CHEEKTOWAGA: The Buffalo, NY, area got totally slammed with snow and bitter temperatures last week. People died … but not these people. A Cheektowaga mechanic named Jay Withey took his truck out to try and rescue a friend who was stuck in the storm. Along the way he picked up a lightly clothed pedestrian. Then, his truck got stuck too, but cops said they couldn’t make it out to help anyone.

Withey asked several people for shelter for himself and ten others, some of them elderly, all of them out of gas and in danger of freezing to death. He even offered these people $500 just to let everyone sleep on their floors and use their bathrooms. They all said no.

Finally, Withey decided he had no choice but to break into a nearby school. He turned off the alarm, scrounged in the cafeteria for food, and found mats in the gym for everyone to sleep on. Then he wrote a note to the school, apologizing for the damage he’d caused. Personally, I think he should get a nice plaque or something. He saved thirteen lives … his own, ten other humans, and two dogs.

LIFE: [8:28] – This woman knows exactly how great is God’s mercy.

NONUPLETS: The world’s only known surviving nonuplets, five girls and four boys, are now 19 months old and have earned themselves a Guinness World Records title for most children delivered at a single birth to survive.

S&G: Let me guess what kind of adults get off on watching little boys dressed in girls’ clothing strut up and down a runway.

STORY HOUR: I’ve reported before about Kirk Cameron’s efforts to get a public library to host a story hour for him and his new book. One library finally caved to public pressure and HUNDREDS of people showed up to hear him read As You Grow.

TRUMP: Dems released Trump’s personal tax returns for 2015 through 2020, assuming that proof he paid zero taxes for four of these years would damage their #1 political opponent. But really, all they show is that Trump was smart enough to hire smart tax lawyers who took maximum advantage of all of the loopholes that the people who hate him created for themselves and their big donors.

VAXXX: In 1976, when they found there was one serious adverse event per 100,000 individuals injected with swine flu, they withdrew the vaccine.

In 1999, when they found there were one to two serious adverse events per 10,000 individuals injected with the rotavirus vaccine, they withdrew the vaccine.

In 2020, when they found there was one serious adverse event per 800 individuals injected with the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA serum, they promoted it world-wide, in many cases mandating it as a condition of employment.

GRAMMY NOTES: Please stay safe tonight and join me again tomorrow … or, if you’re too hung over, the next day!


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  1. Well, another fine post you’ve given us.

    Now, chrissy, remember, when you’re out and partying tonight, and the tequila tells you to get up and dance on the bar, wear good shoes. Hah.

    MiladyJo and I are partying hardy at home tonight. Prepping the Black Eye Pea stew for tomorrow. Starting the New Year off right.

    Hope 2023 will be good to you & yours.

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