COVID-19 Update

IVERMECTIN: Honest studies (below) prove what canceled doctors were saying from the start – i.e., that Ivermectin was both safe and effective. Those who deliberately demonized Ivermectin are responsible for at least 800,000 excess deaths in the United States alone.

72% effective in preventing infection: A study conducted in 399 participants showed a 72% reduction in COVID-19 infection for the group that took a 28 day regimen of oral ivermectin. The study was a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group clinical study. All participants were unvaccinated adults who had been exposed to the virus within 5 days of screening. No safety signals related to daily intake of ivermectin. The study used 200 microgram/kg on Day 1, then 100 microgram/kg daily from Day 2 to Day 28.

70% more effective than Remdesivir in reducing mortality: Another study compared patients in the United States who were treated with Ivermectin (they identified 1,072 such patients), and compared them with patients who were treated with Remdesivir (40,536). Adjusting for confounders such as age, obesity, etc differences between groups, they found that Ivermectin reduced mortality by 70%, compared to Remdesivir.

Comment posted by an M.D. on Igor Chudov’s substack: “EVERY SINGLE study ‘debunking’ ivermectin by the likes of NEJM, JAMA, BMJ etc are ALL…100% fraudulent. Every single article doses the patient well after or very late into the viral replication phase which maaaay last 2 weeks, but usually around 7-10 days. Moreover, the dosing is ALWAYS either too little and/or too brief. Also, most of these BS studies are in the hospitalised patient, which is essentially too late, although IVM does have benefit later in the course (as opposed to HCQ, which doesn’t).

SUDDEN DEATH: This healthy, physically fit 21-year-old cadet played center on Air Force’s football team. He collapsed on his way to class and was pronounced dead after first responders were unsuccessful in attempting lifesaving measures. The Air Force Academy strongly recommended, but did not absolutely mandate the ‘rona jab, which they oh-so-helpfully inform us has been “proven safe and effective.”

VAXXX: In the spring of 2021, Everest Romney was a perfectly healthy, 17-year-old, 6-foot-9 basketball player who had high hopes for getting a scholarship to play college basketball. On April 21, he got a Pfizer COVID-19 jab. By that evening, he was feeling neck pain and swelling. In subsequent days, he had extreme migraines. By April 30, he was in the hospital with three blood clots in and near his brain. He now has blood clots in his leg, and his lungs. His father developed more than 100 blood clots in his lung, which is now partially dead. His mother has had repeated shingles outbreaks since her one and only shot, and Emerald, the baby she later gave birth to, is half the typical weight of a one-year old.

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  1. The sociopaths responsible for all those completely preventable deaths… how do they sleep at night? (Yes, I know sociopaths have no conscience. The question was rhetorical.)

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