Mardi Gras

1A: Last week, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed a lawsuit on behalf of pro-lifers who were told to remove or cover up pro-life messages on their clothing while visiting the National Archives after January’s March for Life in Washington, D.C. On Thursday, the United States National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) consented to allow pro-lifers into their facility without issue and to provide every security officer and other visitor-facing employees with a copy of the consent order. In addition, the plaintiffs will receive a personal apology and tour of the facility.

EXCESS DEATHS: A recent analysis shows that the more vaccine doses an area of England has received, the greater the number of excess deaths it has experienced.

EXORCIST DIARY: “Satanists claim to offer freedom from ‘tyrannical religious authority,’ but it is Satan who enslaves. They claim to promote human dignity and fulfillment, but Satan is the destroyer of humanity. Some witches claim that their spells are really the same as Christian prayers, but the only result of any magic spell is a curse. In Jesus is true freedom and the fullness of human potential. In true Christianity, we find real grace and wonderful blessings.” – Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

FBI: They told us they retracted the infamous memo demonizing Rad-Trad Catholics. Insiders say it is still on the internal server.

MURDERED BISHOP: Bishop David O’Connell, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, was found dead on Saturday afternoon. The cause of death was ruled as murder. On Monday, police arrested a suspect. O’Connell was active in the pro-life movement, including prayer vigils outside of California Planned Parenthood facilities. He had been a priest for 45 years. Pro-life activist Lila Rose, whose work is also based in California, described him as “a true shepherd.

NWS: The National Weather Service warns that an arctic front is moving west to east across the northern U.S.

PROJECT VERITAS: The board of directors has staged a coup and forcibly ousted their own CEO and founder. PV is fershure not getting another dime of my money and I suspect a lot of other people feel the same. I was following O’Keefe before PV and I will continue follow him wherever he goes next. ::ProjectVeritas bookmarks delete delete delete::

RAAACISM: CLICK to hear some common sense.

SOUTH PARK: [2:19] – Harry and Meghan are reportedly looking into suing the makers of the famous satire. Episode 2 of South Park’s 26th season, “The Worldwide Privacy Tour,” which showed an unnamed prince and princess publicizing the prince’s book, “Waaagh,” and traveling all over carrying placards saying, We want our privacy” and “Stop looking at us.” In conversations with a “branding manager”, the prince is described as, “Royal prince, millionaire, world traveler, victim.” His wife is given the tagline: “Sorority girl, actress, influencer, and victim.”

SPIKE PROTEIN: The #1 therapeutic goal for the vaxxxine injured is getting the spike protein out of their bodies. A new study suggests that Nattokinase holds the greatest promise for patients at this time.

VAXXX: The ‘rona jabs were authorized for healthy adults beginning in early April 2021 and for healthy teens in May 2021. Internal CDC emails show the government heard about a potential link between myocarditis and the ‘rona jab as early as the middle of May in 2021. Disturbingly, most of the emails obtained through a FOIA request arrived redacted. Clearly, there’s a lot the government doesn’t want us to know.

In other news, more male athletes have suddenly dropped dead. They include Belgian soccer player Arne Espeel (25) and NFL linebacker Jesse Lemonier (25). No causes of death have been reported; Espeel is scheduled for an autopsy, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for anything to be revealed to the public.

P.S. Please forgive the weird spaces. The WP editor is acting NUTS today.

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