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AAPS: The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) has issued a statement strongly condemning so-called “gender-affirming care” in minors. “Physicians and medical professionals should refuse to be mandated or coerced to participate in procedures to which they have ethical or scientific objections or which they believe would harm a patient.

ABORTION: The parents of a 15-year-old girl are suing members of a Virginia abortion center and county social services organization for pressuring their daughter to kill her unborn baby against her wishes and without parental or judicial knowledge or consent. In Virginia, a minor must either have the consent of her parent or guardian OR petition for judicial authorization. This girl was apparently dragged to the clinic by a DSS agent, then pressured to submit to a procedure the clinic had no legal right to perform.

BIDENFLATION: The rate of inflation jumped to 0.6%, three times higher than last month’s 0.2%.

OHIO: I don’t know when the video above was filmed. It’s not in Ohio, but it does demonstrate what a kind and generous man Donald Trump is. [3:59] – On Wednesday, he took truckloads (more than 14,000 bottles) of clean water to East Palestine residents suffering from the toxic mess. Then, after delivering remarks at the town’s fire station, he walked over to McDonald’s and ordered enough food for the fire and police departments and for everybody who had come to hear him talk.

PRAYER FOR TECHNOLOGY: Lord Jesus Christ, Sovereign King enthroned in Heaven, in your love and mercy establish a perimeter of protection with Your Precious Blood around our communication devices and all technology – the cameras, webcams, microphones, speakers, displays, any and all software, routers, WiFi connections, optic cables and light waves used to transfer data.

Cleanse them with your Precious Blood and drive from them any Satanic influence. Establish around them a sanctuary of your mercy where Satan and any other evil spirit or human agency cannot interfere. I ask Father that you would block, bind, rebuke and render impotent any assault of the Evil One from them in any way.

Father, so long as these instruments are utilized in building God’s Kingdom, we ask you to allow them to enjoy the protection of the Blessed Mother, St. Michael the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels.

We ask this in Your Most Holy Name, Jesus Christ, the Name before which every knee shall bow as Lord, in Heaven, on the Earth, and under the Earth. Amen.

PRO-LIFE: Dr. John Bruchalski, OB/GYN, attests that “intentional feticide is never necessary even in the worst-case scenarios.” Many circumstances may necessitate delivering a baby before he or she can survive outside the womb, but never is it necessary to do direct, intentional violence to the child to help the mother. “These women are and have been thoroughly cared for and treated for their pregnancy complications before, during, and after Roe v. Wade,” Bruchalski says.

TRANS: CLICK [3:07] to hear about a detranser who has launched Canada’s first de-transitioner lawsuit against the eight doctors and so-called “mental health experts” who cheerfully encouraged her through the self-mutilation process. These include a therapist who referred her for male hormone therapy after just one appointment lasting under an hour.

If you want to help with her legal costs, click

In the US, Chloe Cole and Camille Kiefel are suing the healthcare providers who facilitated their medical transition. Kiefel, like Zacchigna, was a vulnerable mentally ill adult when allowed to consent irreversible medical interventions. Cole was just a child of 13. 

In Australia, Jay Langadinos is suing the psychiatrist who allowed her to begin medical transition while she too was going through a mental health crisis, and in England, Ritchie Herron is bringing legal action against the doctors who allowed him to consent to hormone therapy and the amputation of his penis while he was in a similar state of mental distress.

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