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CALIFORNICATION: It should come as no surprise that people who sanction the violent murder of helpless unborn babies would have no compunctions about assaulting the elderly. In October, an angry Planned Parenthood client shoved Ross Foti (88) into a fire hydrant.

Foti, who has spent the past 30 years praying outside Planned Parenthood facilities and counseling abortion-seeking women, reportedly suffered a punctured lung and other serious injuries that put him in the hospital for four days. He remains in pain and requiring ongoing treatment.

As of March 1, NO charges had been filed against the assailant, so Life Legal launched a campaign urging supporters to contact the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office on behalf of Foti. The campaign succeeded in getting the attacker charged with, though not arrested for, aggravated battery causing serious bodily injury and battery against an elder, which carries enhanced penalties.

While hailing the charges against the woman as a “victory,” Life Legal argued that the district attorney wouldn’t have delayed filing the charges if the situation had been reversed. If Foti had shoved the woman, they argued, “he would likely have been arrested on the spot and immediately charged.” Duh. I’m not holding my breath waiting for the Cali judicial system to punish this woman.

AG GARLAND: CLICK [3:20] to hear the Attorney General Weasel non-respond to the WaPo article linked below.

COVID-19: CLICK the link and listen to his full and scathing testimony.

DYSTOPIA: [14:03] – This short film is a masterpiece in every way … script, acting, directing, lighting, editing. Give it your best. You won’t be sorry.

HELL in a HANDBASKET: Graphic Warning: 11-year-old boy reads pornographic smut to the school board from a book that was prominently displayed near the door of his middle school library. When he checked it out, the librarian asked if he wanted more of the same and suggested a graphic novel version of the book. [4:00] – We’ve seen teachers applauded for flaunting their sexual deviancy. CLICK and read/hear a long-time teacher who stood up for his faith at the expense of his job.

MANDATES: Many pols and businesses have quietly rescinded the useless and overly punitive ‘rona vaxxx mandates that forced so many to choose between their health and their livelihoods. To my knowledge, the lady in Canada (hit link below) is the only one to publicly apologize.

MASKS: The Babylon Bee does it again. [2:41] – In other news, New York City police have abruptly switched from arresting people for shopping without a mask to insisting they shop without a mask.

We’re seeing far too often where people are coming up to our businesses, sometimes with masks and latex gloves, and they’re being buzzed in, they’re being allowed to enter into the store and then we have a robbery or some kind of property being stolen,” NYPD chief of department Jeffrey Maddrey told the local business community.

MISSISSIPPI: [5:19] – On Tuesday, the seventh state banned sex reassignment procedures for minors. Mississippi also prohibits transgender males from competing with genuine female athletes.

There is a dangerous movement spreading across America today. It’s advancing under the guise of a false ideology and pseudoscience being pushed onto our children through radical activists, social media, and online influencers. And it’s trying to convince our children that they are in the wrong body. I stand before you today to sign legislation that puts a stop to this in Mississippi and protects our kids.” – Gov. Tate

NATURAL IMMUNITY: Before the pandemic, the power of natural immunity was well known and widely acknowledged … even by Dr. Anthony Fauci. And, in 2021, multiple studies showed that recovering from a COVID infection produced strong and durable natural immunity. So why did Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins collude to ensure this evidence, these scientists, and anyone else asking “What about natural immunity?” would suffer a “quick and devastating published takedown”?

  1. May 2021: Washington University School of Medicine study finds “robust” antibodies still present at least 11 months after infection.
  2. June 2021: Cleveland Clinic study finds no benefit from vaccination to those with natural immunity.
  3. July 2021: Emory University Vaccine Center study finds “durable and broad immune memory after SARS-CoV-2 infection.”
  4. August 2021: Israel study finds natural immunity “confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization” than two shots of the vaccine.

S&G: CLICK [3:02] to hear a brave Muslim lady nuke the creepy trans perv who sexually grooms kids via his TikTok and Patreon accounts.

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m excited about these funny books I just ordered for Bootz’s 7th birthday. I actually remember the first time I got a vocabulary joke and how delighted I was to realize that words could be amusing.


CLICK to see prop knives.

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