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15 MINUTE CITIES: In Europe, legislation is being pushed forward to set up 15-minute cities, while in Great Britain, some counties have already passed it. Billed as climate-friendly and convenient, the real goal is to restrict the non-elite to their localities; the elite, of course, will be free to go where they will.

2000: In 1899, a group of French artists produced a series of trade cards illustrating their predictions of what the world would look like in 100 years.

While some of the images have no counterpart in today’s world, some are remarkably close.

CBD: [21:36] – Dr. Campbell examines studies that show the CBD, non-psychotropic component in hemp, is an impressive anti-viral. Of note is that when the CBD was taken with THC, the combo was not anti-viral. (IOW, smoking dope won’t prevent a cold.)

Below are links to two studies of its effectiveness against COVID-19, plus a review of the best CBD oils, and to Plant Therapy’s CBD page. Dr. Campbell says the CBD used in the studies were ingested orally; the Plant Therapy blends are all topical. I having been successfully using Plant Therapy’s CBD Rapid Relief Balm for joint pain, but if it’s also boosting my immune system, that’s cool too.

MONTANA: On Friday, Gov. Gianforte signed a bill prohibiting puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and transgender surgeries for minors.

VAXXX: More of that famous “follow the science” donkey doo – A 41-year-old Georgia mother of seven young children has needed dialysis 3 times a week and is now in end-stage kidney disease. She was initially approved for a kidney transplant, until they found out she had refused the ‘rona jab on religious and medical grounds. Despite the fact that she has recovered naturally from COVID-19 and almost certainly has natural immunity, she’s been denied a space on the transplant list. Liberty Counsel (LC), a national nonprofit legal organization, is assisting her in fighting this. This isn’t about science!


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