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BERNIE: Until Bernie became a millionaire, his rants always included “millionaires and billionaires.” Now, he just hates billionaires. When challenged about this, he sneered and suggested the questioner write a book and earn a million dollars like he did. CLICK [:32] to hear him say that he thinks the gummint should confiscate all wealth in excess of $999 million.

BORDER: On Tuesday, the White House announced the Pentagon will be sending 1,500 U.S. military personnel to supplement Border Patrol resources for 90 days. Funny thing how right after FAUXTUS announces he’s running for re-election, he decides we need more security on the southern border that he split wide open.

FLORIDA: Gov. DeSantis signed into law a bill prohibiting financial institutions from discriminating against customers for their religious, political, or social beliefs. The new law also blocks wokeness in investment decisions made by state and local governments and directs the attorney general and commissioner of financial regulation to vigorously enforce the new law.

DeSantis noted that wokeness, under the label “ESG” (i.e., environmental, social, and governmental), has become a backdoor way for companies to impose woke values on taxpayers, retirees, and entire communities that would never approve such things at the ballot box. For example, Biden’s pro-ESG Labor Department created a rule in favor of ESG invesments and, when Congress passed a measure overturning that rule, Biden vetoed it.

IRS: Open The Books, a watchdog group that tracks government spending, says that, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Internal Revenue Service has spent a total of $10 million on militarizing the agency.

  • $2.3 million on duty ammunition
  • $1.2 million on ballistic shields
  • $474,000 on Smith & Wesson rifles
  • $463,000 on Beretta 1301 tactical shotguns
  • $467,000 on duty tactical lighting, $354,000 on tactical gear bags
  • $267,000 on ballistic helmets
  • $243,000 on body armor vests
  • $1.3 million on “various other gear for criminal investigation agents

JOBS: CLICK to hear FAUXTUS’ Sec’y of the Interior say we have too many jobs.

NEW YORK: Starting in 2026, my sucky state will be banning gas stoves and natural gas heat in all new construction. But starting right this minute, my sucky utility company is forcing us to switch to a smart meter.

OKLAHOMA: On Monday, Gov. Stitt signed a law banning so-called “gender affirming” medical treatment for minors. Sixteen Republican-led states now protect minors, while Democrat states are moving encouraging trans tourism.

PATRIOTISM vs. WOKEISM: CLICK [:18] to see “By far the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in.”

This comment is exactly what I thought: “If that’s the most dangerous situation your privileged life has been in u are one of the most privileged people around.”

The Southern California restaurant said they have been playing the national anthem every day at noon for six years and that no amount of negative attention on TikTok is going to make them stop. Good for them!

TUCKER: Victor Davis Hanson says Fox miscalculated in thinking their network is bigger than any one anchor. Fox needed Tucker, who appeals to the new Republican Party in a way nobody else does. And because media has become so fragmented, no one platform can count on drawing a significant share of the audience. At this point, VDH thinks Tucker can make even more as an independent than the $20 million/year that Fox was paying him.

VFAUXTUS: “So I think it’s very important — as you have heard from so many incredible leaders — for us, at every moment in time, and certainly this one, to see the moment in time in which we exist and are present, and to be able to contextualize it, to understand where we exist in the history and in the moment as it relates not only to the past, but the future.” [1:42] – Kamala is the only reason Joe is still sitting in the Oval Office.

GRAMMY NOTES: Big Grammy Love to my Star Wars grand who is turning FIVE today! When they were saying good-bye, I was studying her face and she asked me what I was doing. I said, “I’m memorizing your face!” She said, “We’re coming back!” I said, “I know. But you’ll be older by then and I’m just sad that I will never see your four-year-old face ever again!

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