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2024: A new poll from WaPo and ABC News is bad news for Dementia Joe. A majority of Democrats want somebody else on the ticket in 2024. His approval has hit a new low with only 36% approval; 47% of the 56% disapprovals said they “strongly” disapprove.

EDUCATION: CLICK to hear what UCLA students do and do not know.

FAUXTUS: CLICK (:10) to hear Delusional Joe claim that, during his first two years in office, he cut the national debt by $1.7 trillion. In reality, the national debt grew by $3.64 trillion.

JASON NEELY: Lefties like AOC are inflaming New Yorkers to burn the city down over the death of a violent and mentally ill man. We don’t know yet what Neely actually died of, but hey, any excuse to incite hatred against white guys, right?

CLICK [:55] to see the supposedly vicious Marine put Neely into the recovery position – on his side with his chin up and knees bent – to make sure his airway was open and he was comfortable while the other subway passengers compliment him.

Andy Ngo writes, “As the death of #JordanNeely has gone viral due to leftist & BLM misinformation, more New Yorkers are speaking out about their experiences with the dangerous man. One person says Neely tried to push them into the train tracks at the Broadway-Lafayette station. Neely had an arrest warrant for the assault of a 67-year-old woman at the time of his death & has a long arrest history.

LIFE: CLICK [:57] to hear a pro-choice guy get totally owned.

S&G: The Xenia, Ohio, YMCA has been getting complaints about Darren “Rachel” Glines exposing his junk to young women since 2021. The organization has told his female victims “tough noogies” and now a judge has backed them up. I have two questions. One, did the judge actually ever look at Glines in the buff to ascertain that his gut covers his junk? Two, does Glines EVER do anything at the gym BESIDES flash girls in the locker room?

TRANS: A convicted pedophile was allowed to inflict his evil presence on abused women and children in a women’s refuge for ten weeks in Leeds, UK, just because he said he is a woman.

GRAMMY NOTES: The saleswoman commented on the dress my daughter had tried on for a high school prom: “You’re the first gal who has been able to wear that dress. Everyone else, the dress wore them.”

It had a V-cut neck then SNUG fit bust to floor with blue-green sequins ALL over. We still call it The Mermaid Dress. Soooo glad it was marked down to two figures, cuz wowza!

The ONLY person who didn’t love that dress was her husband when he saw the photo of her with another man wearing the hottest dress you EVER saw that wasn’t actually immodest.

I asked him why he was scowling. “Don’t you like the dress?” Reply: “I don’t like the idea that she ever looked that HOT while going on a date with ANOTHER MAN.”


CLICK for daring baby rescue.

CLICK for an awesome party game.

CLICK for an English lesson.

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  1. awesome party game – that was fun.

    JordanNeely – that Marine needed to give a Spock Pinch! (Note the other passengers’ appreciation – in both cases.) (44sec)

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