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ANTI-CATHOLIC: A small group of students at the allegedly Catholic Loyola University in Chicago say they resorted to protesting the annual drag show after school administrators refused to cancel it. They also say a group of counter-protesters destroyed their signs, disparaged their faith, and later threatened them with violence on social media.

CANADA: The gobbledygook in the paragraph above is a screenshot from a policy paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. It argues that Canada’s Medically Assistance in Dying (MAiD) program be expanded to include people who want to end their lives due to poverty. Their rationale is simple; the Canadian healthcare system is overburdened.

In short, Sarah Palin was right. If we nationalize all healthcare (as Canada has done), then government bean counters will be making our healthcare decisions for us. Offing poor people is a cheap and easy way to free up scarce resources for more desirable, productive taxpayers.

Igor Chudov correctly notes that “nobody, besides quadriplegics, needs MAiD to end their lives. A few feet of rope is all one needs – and there is no requirement to ask for anyone’s permission. The importance of MAiD is that it makes ending one’s life easy, painless, and socially acceptable.

INDIANA:  A 25-year veteran of the Indiana schools is suing after she was fired for saying parents should know when their teenage children are labeled as “transgender” at school. Kathy McCord, who is being represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, said, “It’s terrible what they’re doing to parents. And I really wasn’t ready to retire, so I’d like to go back to work.”

NEW HAMPSHIRE: When a parent emailed her state rep, urging him to pass a parent’s rights bill, the Democrat told her to shut up.

Democratic New Hampshire state Rep. Tommy Hoyt confirmed the authenticity of the message and said he “probably could have used better words.” Translation: “If I cared, I could have been less obvious about my sneering disregard for my constituent and her genuine concerns.

Hoyt’s attitude seems to be Democrat SOP these days. In 2022, the Dem candidate for governor of Virginia said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

NEW YUCK CITY: [2:13] – Like many major Democratic-run metropolitan centers, the Rotten Apple is reaping what it sowed when it refused to prosecute shoplifting. The crippling wave of retail thefts has led to major stores/employers leaving the city and entire aisles being put under lock and key by store owners who stay.

But, wait! The city government has launched “a comprehensive plan to combat retail theft” throughout the boroughs. Billed as “balanced, clear-eyed, impactful,” it promises to “provide real support to our small business owners and commercial corridors, making our city safer and stronger.” Yeah, right. We’ll see.

Not the Bee opines that offering potential thieves greater access to social services won’t do a thing, because thieves are thieves. “They want to steal stuff. They need to stop. Punish them for it and they will.”

As for “training retail workers in de-escalation tactics“, :-P“““““. “Apprehending criminals is the job of police; it’s not the job of hourly workers to ‘de-escalate’ them.” How about just undoing all the damage the Wrongs did to the NYPD?

When Rudy Giuliani was in charge, crime dropped dramatically because, according to Dan Bongino, they aggressively prosecuted minor crimes like shoplifting. Hmm … kinda makes one think about what the store owners in NYC say are their biggest complaint – “repeat offenders.”

SEX vs. GENDER: San Francisco pollsters were disappointed to learn that the majority of voters reject their radical gender ideology. Their conclusion was that the Wrongs need to rebrand puberty blockers with a less-divisive term. They said they would not be making their poll widely available and urged those who saw it not to share. Somebody ignored them.


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  1. “Sex assigned at birth” — there’s another language-strangler. Assigned, yeah, by Nature! One’s sex is “assigned” in the earliest stages of gestation, although maybe at conception we just can’t tell. (Something like that; my HS biology class was a while back.)

    While I don’t trust any polls on anything, that chart is less encouraging than the headline suggests. Well over half of women do not know basic biology‽‽ Merely 60% of men get it‽‽ Half the voters in the country don’t know XX from XY‽‽ Does not bode well for future and families.

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    • With any luck, the ones who don’t understand biology will be less likely to reproduce, and the ones who have some grounding in reality will be more likely to. Or am I being a starry-eyed optimist? (Not something a bitter bluebird gets accused of very often.)

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I was also underwhelmed by the numbers, esp for the women. We are way too willing to embrace idiocy to go along and get alone.

      As for conception, yes, that’s the moment. All of a woman’s eggs and half of a man’s sperm have an X chromosome; the other half of the sperm have a Y. Sex is determined the moment either an X (girl) or a Y (boy) sperm cross the goal line.

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