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DEMOCRATS: “The senator’s behavior is disturbing, but the fact that enough people voted for her to put her in office is even more disturbing.” – my2cents

EDUCATION: CLICK to hear a college student explain why she got a zero on her project proposal.

FOX NEWS: From here on out, I will strive to avoid using Fox as a source for anything.

LIFE: Maria Therese and Rachel Clare LeBlanc were born at 32 weeks and lived for one hour. A priest was on hand to baptize the conjoined twins, who shared a single heart. Their mom, Nicole, said, “My girls were loved and held until their final moments and all that they knew their entire lives was love from Austin and I. God designed them so beautifully in my womb and it was an absolute honor and privilege to carry them for as long as I could. Their lives have touched so many and the support my family has received has been nothing short of incredible. Saint Maria Therese & Saint Rachel Clare, ora pro nobis. Austin and I love you more than you could ever know. Now my princesses, you rest in the beatific vision of Our Lord and Lady.

MEDIA BIAS: Not the Bee has an interesting analysis by Peter Heck, a 20-year veteran of high school education, who teaches a unit on media bias every year.

SLOTH: The Wrongs continue to attack Judaeo-Christian values and celebrate sin. Anthony Bernardi writes at Medium that waking early and being a productive person is rooted in white supremacy. Kneejerk libs are no doubt kicking themselves for all the times they tried to be on time to work.

The rest of us are nodding “yep” to PlanetMoron’s take at NottheBee: “When you suggest that this habit is rooted in white supremacy, are you making the case that white people are supreme because they get up early [and that] black and brown people can’t possibly be successful?


GRAMMY NOTES: The Mascots’ Christian scout troops had a joint camping trip this past weekend. They had a wonderful time. Will you look at Buzz’s legs! Oh my. I hear his feet are as big as his Mama’s. Also, they had a Fire Safety and Fire Building workshop, so Bunny was able to earn a new badge.


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