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EXORCIST FILES: The latest episode just dropped.

FACEBOOK: Yesterday I visited the Stonehenge website for the first and only time. Despite the fact that I did not access it via Facebook, this showed up in my FB timeline today. Track me much, FB? ::brrrrr:::

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: A new report by Investors Business Daily estimates Anheuser-Busch has lost $15.7 billion in market value since April 1, the day the Dylan Mulvaney controversy exploded.

Meanwhile, conservative backlash has hit Target. The company gave their stores 36 hours to move all their front-and-center June Pride crap from to the back of the store and to decrease the total area dedicated to it by two-thirds. The insider who informed Daily Wire said, “I think given the current situation with Bud Light, the company is terrified.” Good.

NEVADA: Gov. Pillen signed a bill banning trans surgeries on those 18 and younger, becoming the 18th state to protect minors from this vile practice.

OMG: [8:46] – Senator John Fetterman’s Special Assistant, Luke Borwegan, has continuous access to the Senator and even holds a readable iPad for him in public. This is what he had to say when he didn’t know he was being recorded.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny’s American Heritage Girl troop had their end of the year ceremony. She has completed the requirements for the Pen and Paper Arts and Mathematics badges, memorized the books of the Bible, participated in Support Our Troops and Earth Day events, and got a service star for doing more than 10 hours of community service.


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