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ADVENT: On May 17, 2023, this larger-than-life bronze sculpture named “Advent” was unveiled and dedicated. Located on the campus of The Catholic University of America’s Theological College in Washington, D.C., it is allegedly depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary pregnant with the Christ Child. According to the Canadian sculptor, Timothy Paul Schmalz, it is meant to be a symbol of beauty, a celebration of new life, and a bold pro-life statement in the nation’s capital.

I find the statue to be incredibly chilling. Instead of a warm, blood-enriched, human womb cradling and nourishing the unborn infant, this statue uses a stainless steel bowl … the same kind of bowl abortionists use to collect “Products of Conception.”

FAUXTUS: Sam Brinton has been arrested again for stealing luggage containing the women’s clothes he so loves to wear. He is facing charges of Grand Larceny and maybe jail time, since he violated the parole he was so generously granted before.

Another of Biden’s picks, Rachael Rollins, is resigning as U.S. attorney for Massachusetts after less than half a year in office. Before being nominated by Biden, Rollins was one of those Soros-backed, cop-hating prosecutors who declared certain crimes would not be prosecuted. A recent inspector general’s report alleges what Special Counsel Henry Kerner described as among the “most egregious transgressions” of the law that the agency has ever investigated.

FBI: CLICK [4:36] to hear whistleblowers – FBI special agent Garret O’Boyle; former FBI special agent Steve Friend; and suspended FBI Staff Operations Specialist Marcus Allen – testify on Thursday before the House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government. For trying to do the right thing, the FBI punished them.

CLICK [1:18] to hear Democrat Representative Linda Sanchez attempt to confront one of the three with the contents of a post from “his” Twitter account, which actually belongs to someone with the same name. Sanchez lived up to her status as a useful idiot by ignoring his repeated attempts to tell her it wasn’t his account as she angrily attempted to get him to agree to the contents of a tweet he did not send. ::smh::

FLORIDA: On Thursday, what was being hailed as “one of the region’s largest pride celebrations” was canceled after Gov. DeSantis signed a law that forbids exposing children to adult and sexually inappropriate displays.

CLICK to hear the Left vs. the Right on the responsibilities of parents.

GOLF: CLICK to see some actual excitement at a golf match. Not the Bee reports that the golfer received a one-stroke penalty for waiting longer than the 10 seconds the rules allow for an oscillating ball to drop.

POLAND: The village of Sułoszowa is 28 miles northwest of Krakow, Poland. Its nearly 6,000 inhabitants all live along one six-mile road, while their farms stretch behind their homes in long, thin plots.

ROTTEN APPLE: Nearly half of hotel rooms in New York City today are filled with newly-arrived border crossers and illegal aliens, living rent-free at the expense of local taxpayers. Mayor Adams complained that this is costing New Yorkers about $5 million/day and clogging up hotel rooms that should be used by tourists with money to spend.

SCHIFF-LESS: John Durham’s team spent three years and eleventy million bucks proving that “Russia! Russia! Russia!” was a Democrat hoax. But good ol’ Pencil Neck, whose endless investigations proved nothing, still swears Trump is guilty of Russian collusion.

I’m finding I’m not all that interested in digging deeper into the Durham report. It just feels like 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, y’know? The Democratic Party is rotten to the core, nobody ever does anything about them, and every verse is the same as the first.

VAXXX: “Vaccine developers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) are enrolling healthy adult Americans to test an experimental universal influenza vaccine using mRNA technology.” Apparently, they haven’t killed enough people yet.


CLICK for more R*CKST*R.

CLICK to see an awesome service dog.

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