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Business groups to Obama: Drop order on contractor disclosure

By Kevin Bogardus – 05/16/11 09:10 PM ET

A coalition of more than 80 business groups told President Obama to “abandon” a draft executive order that would have government contractors disclose their political contributions. …

The letter comes as the draft order has fallen under heavy criticism from several Republicans, as well as a few Democrats. …

Democrats and the White House tried and FAILED to pass the Disclose Act last Congress, despite Democrats having a super-majority in the House and Senate.

In other words, opposition to this kind of political thuggery is bipartisan.

The Disclose Act was the Democrats’ response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in January 2010 that allowed corporations to spend unlimited funds on political activities.

Since corporations tend to support Conservative Republicans, Democrats hated this decision. Obama was so miffed, he scolded the Justices on national television during his State of the Union. One of his classier moves (not).

As I understand it, Democrats’ big supporters … big unions like the NEA and SEIU and professional Leftist groups like ACORN and Planned Parenthood … were already allowed to donate the big bucks, most of which they got by ripping off taxpayers and nearly all of which they dumped into Democrat coffers to keep their taxpayer-funded gravy trains chugging along.

But it’s not about politics. It’s about Transparency in Government! (Riight.)

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2 responses to “Thug-ministration

  1. A whole lot of people tried to warn the voters before the ’08 election that if Obama won, the country would cease to be a constitutional republic and become a thugocracy. Too bad so few people listened.


  2. Ting

    This is chilling to me. We don’t do any government work, but I sure have a lot of friends in the business who do. The requirements are already too bothersome for us to fool with, though years ago we did do a lot of work at Langley Field. If I had to disclose my SarahPac donations I’m sure I would never get the contract, no matter how low the bid might be!