Latest Obama disapproval poll

I think we’re still seeing a hesitation among Americans to criticize the first black president.

Check out how bad his approvals are when you consider the answer to these questions. He OWNS the health care bill and the economy.

The new health care law requires all Americans who can afford it to have some form of health insurance or else pay a penalty. Can you think of any circumstances where the federal government should be able to require Americans to buy something whether they want it or not?

Yes, I can 24%

No, I can’t 73%

Don’t Know 3%

On a scale of excellent, good, only fair and poor, how would you rate economic conditions today?

Excellent 0%

Good 5%  < Methinks these folks are a few fries short of a Toyless Happy Meal!

Only fair 28%

Poor 66%

Don’t Know 0%  < It is very unusual to see ZERO Don’t know!


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