They are the Borg

A Right to Work law prevents unions from requiring union membership, dues or fees as a condition of employment. As of 2012, 23 States have these laws.

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4 responses to “They are the Borg

  1. Ting

    I sure do appreciate Virginia’s right to work law. Our family business was a union shop for many, many decades, with both my father-in-law and his brother being members of the board, and also on the board of the apprenticeship program, even though they were management. My husband was a union member, with a journeyman’s certification. But sometime in the 1980’s it just didn’t work for us any more. There was so much competition from huge national construction firms, and there was no way for local people to compete. They were low bidders on lots of jobs in plants in this area just to keep operating, but we small fry could not afford to lose money just to keep the doors open. So we stopped being a union company and took on other tradesmen, and then we could afford to compete. We haven’t looked back, except to say “thank goodness we are out of that rat race.”

    I think the incident that was the straw that broke the camel’s back was when my husband, who was in the pipe-fitters union, moved one of his back-hoes out of the way of a delivery truck during lunch time at a job site for a big cigarette factory. He didn’t want the backhoe operator to have to get up and interrupt his lunch, and he owned the backhoe, serviced the backhoe, drove the backhoe all over our office complex, etc. so it was no big deal for him. But….the union guys sitting on their behinds eating lunch and just watching my Mr. Nice Guy husband filed a complaint because my husband was not a member of the operators union. There was a very large fine associated with that act of kindness, so it didn’t take much after that to cut the union ties.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’ve heard similar tales from New York and California. The labor movement did some real good back in the day, but they have now become what they were originally intended to stop.