This is what China calls “birth control”

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Chinese Woman Seven Months Pregnant Beaten, Forcibly Aborted

by Steven Ertelt | Beijing, China | | 6/12/12 1:09 PM


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6 responses to “This is what China calls “birth control”

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    I’ve had nightmares like this . . . talk about a “War on Women” . . . and all of humanity . . .


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    If anyone heard or is willing to listen to NPR’s “religion and ethics” program from today (Monday June 18th … I think it might be available in podcast), I’d appreciate your take on how well it presented the Bishop’s position on the HHS mandate.

    I’ve got a friend telling me they are reporting what I told her about it I.e., that it’s about violating First Amendment religious freedom right, not about depriving anyone of birth control.

    Seriously? NPR isn’t spinning the Democrat’s War on Women Talking Points as “the truth”?

    It’s hard for me to take this person’s word for it. She’s a born and bred Democrat liberal. When I was still like that, I didn’t notice media bias unless it specifically touched on my hot issue (abortion).

    But I don’t care enough to listen myself. Can’t stand NPR … the tone just pushes all my “grew up in Ithaca where the pompous, self-assured gods of liberalism spoon fed me lies” buttons.

    Besides, if I’m going to listen to anything, it’ll be one of the 6 lectures and 6 Q and A broadcasts from the Hillsdale Constitution 101 course I haven’t had time for yet.


  3. Ting

    Oh, dear Lord. I don’t know what to say. This is devastating.


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