Things that Leftists are BAD at


Tweet – Obama Care will cost $2.6 Trillion but will reduce the number of uninsured from 36 to 30 million. That’s $433,333 per policy.

2013_03 11 Obamacare regs pic

The Constitution

Tweet – I’d like to think that the judge who spoiled @MikeBloomberg’s fun did so on principle. But more likely, he was acting out of Sprite.

2013_03 Bloomberg overturned


Tweet – People flipping out that the Pope supports traditional families…you are actually upset that the Pope is, in fact, Catholic.
Tweet – Libs: “The Pope is letting his Catholicism get in the way of progress! How dare he?! PROG RAGE!”
Tweet – Dear MSM: We Catholics cannot change the dogma we have received from Christ and the Apostles to suit your personal sin preferences.

Respect Our President

Getting the planks out of their own eyes

Tweet – Has Obama congratulated the new Pope yet with a picture of himself?
Tweet – Someone made a joke about the Pope? Let’s burn down an embassy! <- Things that never happen.

2012 We already have a God

Consistent moral values

Biden: Garden Variety Slap [:33]

Tweet – “Garden variety” slapping?!? That is a thing? If that doesn’t make abuse of women sound benign, I don’t know what does.
Tweet – It wasn’t a slap-slap, just a #gardenvariety slap.
Tweet – You’d think Biden’s casual familiarity with “garden variety” domestic abuse would concern people.
Tweet – If Dick Cheney had ever uttered the phrase “garden variety slap across the face,” it would still be on the front page of the New York Times today.


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5 responses to “Things that Leftists are BAD at

  1. Todd Akin was crucified for the infelicitous phrase “legitimate rape.” How is that different from “a garden variety slap across the face”?


  2. GP

    It never ceases to amaze me that Biden continues to make such moronic statements and the press gives him a pass.
    “Oh that Uncle Joe, there he goes again.”
    He is the VP of the USA for (pistol)Pete’s sake, not the guy who bags at the grocery store!