You’re ignoring the sequester and the _Resident isn’t happy

This week’s furloughs of air traffic controllers make it obvious the Obama-philes are in a PANIC because Americans are ignoring the sequester.

2013_04 Flight delays cartoon a

Why PANIC? Well, gosh, if the sequester proves to be painless, we might decide we could stand to make more cuts. Democrats can’t have that!  Hence, air traffic control towers are being deliberately short-staffed to cause flight delays that Dems can blame on the sequester.

2013_04 Flight delays cartoon b

Apparently, the thing that triggered the PANIC was a poll of Americans that found:

  • “Sequester cuts are not affecting the economy” = UP 13 points over the prior month (from 27 to 40 percent)
  • “Sequester cuts are harming the economy” = DOWN 11 points (from 47 to 36 percent).

Also, some citizens have actually noticed that the stock market went up 10.7 percent. Oops.

2013_04 Flight delays cartoon c

So … will taking travelers hostage convince Americans that the White House should be allowed to raise taxes and increase spending?

Hmmm. I guess that depends on whether the traveling public is stupid enough to NOT figure out the FAA probably could have found a way to cut $600 Million out of their $15 Billion budget that did not impact travelers. Like, for example, maybe they could’ve all taken a 4% pay cut across the board or maybe they could’ve cut out most of the $800 Million they budget annually for consultants.

Even that notorious Obama-drooler, Candy Crowley, said on CNN that she thought flight delays were an absurd response to a pathetic requirement to cut 4% out of the FAA budget.

It’s not like the Big Bad Sequester was an actual CUT in federal spending. It was merely a slight reduction in the amount the Obama Democrats wanted to INCREASE spending!

2013_04 Flight delays cartoon d

Hopefully, Americans are waking up to the incompetence and deceit throughout the Obama administration, most recently demonstrated by Obama’s Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, who is responsible for choosing to inconvenience travelers rather than cut a penny out of his pork-laden budget.

Not convinced? Watch this.

Apr 25, 2013: Government by Temper Tantrum

Spending on the FAA has gone UP. So why is the Obama Administration delaying and canceling flights?


Sources (from which I ripped off large sections of above text):

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