He looked so dashing when he wore his toyo hat ajee.

toyo Japanese straw used for hats

ajee crooked or awry - scots

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I watched a documentary (The Brain Fitness Program) that said the best way to keep one’s brain young was to FOCUS every day on LEARNING something NEW. (These THREE factors are key to exercising your brain so it stays active.)

    Y’all know I play SCRABBLE with Bob and Frankly. We’re well matched, so it’s always challenging. And we all use the Scrabble Hints website, which constantly pops words I’ve never seen before. (You put your rack tiles in the box and it lists all the words you can make from them.)

    I like words and graphicking, so I thought I’d FOCUS on LEARNING a NEW word or two that Scrabble Hints pops for me by looking it up and making a graphic. I discovered this is not enough to stick a new word into my brain.

    When I was a kid, my mom told me if you use a new word three times, it’s yours forever. So I guess I need to look it up, graphic it AND make up some sentences. Got one in the title that uses both. I need two more each:

    Toyo cowboy hats looks really cool and comfortable. I wonder where I could get one.

    I think hubby’s gardening hat might be made of toyo.

    I use museum wax on the backs of my picture frames to stick them to the walls, because it makes me a little nutso when they go ajee.

    It melts my heart when my little dog looks at me with his head ajee like he’s trying so hard to understand what I’m saying.