The rodeo clown crisis was averted when the Mo. State Fair permanently banned the Obama-mask-wearing clown.

No, for reals. They did that.

In retaliation, Glenn Beck declared August 13th #MockObamaDay.

I collected some of the best stuff.

2013_08 13 First Amendment tweet

2013_08 13 RCOTUS

So what if a single MO clown mocked him? We all know the majority of America’s MSM clowns are ardent supporters

2013_08 13 RCOTUS MSM clown

In honor of the mock-worthy airlifting of the First Snack to the latest 5 Star Vacay Rental:


And a fun two-fer … or maybe it’s a three-fer given that the “photo” of Obama who “shoots skeet all the time” not only showed him using poor form, but also showed signs of photoshopping.


Obama likes to make a big deal about his basketball skills, but in high school, he was a second stringer who warmed the bench most of the time and at the last Easter Egg Roll, he missed 18 free throws in a row, moving progressively closer to the net and even changing balls at one point. He finally sank 2 of the last 4.

2013_08 13 Free throw fail

Who could forget the Commander-In-Chief who was afraid he’d melt in the rain? Wait, wasn’t it the evil dictator of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West, who had that problem with water?

2013_08 13 Mock Obama melts in the rain

It’s probably just as well he had a Leatherneck hold the brolly. He tried to do it himself once. Brollies Are Hard.

2013_08 13 RCOTUS brollies are hard

His PR lapdogs pimped him out as the “Smartest Man Evah.” Given the frequency with which he makes dumbass remarks both within and without our 58 great states, they might have more accurately described him as “Biggest Schmuck Evah.”

2013_08 13 RCOTUS multiple dumb errors

LOL … oh my. Yes, #MockObamaDay was fun. But as one tweeter pointed out, “#MOCKOBAMADAY is just a normal day for me.” To which another replied, “And he makes it SO easy…like shooting sheep in a barrel.”



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2 responses to “It’s MOCK RCOTUS DAY!

  1. Ting

    That was fun! I think maybe this should be a weekly national event. Wednesdays are a good day for mocking.


  2. Like! I may have to start using RCOTUS permanently now. 🙂