Barry-cades: $76 Million a day in LOST REVENUE

2013_10 15 Park closure costing 76 Million in lost revenue

Shutdown according to Obama the Tyrant


October 15, 2013: Park Service losing $76 million a day in shutdown By Kenric Ward


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4 responses to “Barry-cades: $76 Million a day in LOST REVENUE

  1. I wondered about the lost revenue. I knew it cost money to go to some of these parks, which is why so many seniors I know buy some kind of passport book that lets them into all the parks for the price of the book.


    • Ditto the military commissaries. They’re subsidized to a degree so the prices can be well below retail, but still … all the furloughed employees are really on delayed-pay vacays and the buildings themselves have to be kept maintained and secure to some degree. Not to mention all the perishables that were just thrown out instead of sold. It makes no more sense than anything else the Obama Democrats have done … unless you consider Satan. Then it ALL makes sense.


  2. GP

    How come no one is questioning how quickly all those signs got printed and all those shut downs happened?
    The whole thing was orchestrated by the evil regime and it all played out as planned. The republicans had nothing to do with the shut down, but they got the blames of course.
    These Spite house is determined to take over the house, so they can have free reign.
    And sadly it is working because the damn republicans are accusing each other!
    Even Joe Walsh said that he wished Palin and Cruz would have stayed away from the WWII Memorial rally.