There’s no better way to carry our celebrations into a new week than with a fun hashtag game! Here are my faves:

2014_11 10 GOPWaveMovies Love Story

Gone With the Win
Blind Sided
Saving Private Healthcare
The Hunt For Red November
Harry Reid & The Goblet of Fail
When Harry Met the Door
Bridge Over the River Cry
The States of Wrath
Goodbye Fellas
There’s Something about Barry
Who’s Afraid of Voter ID?
The Way We Won

2014_11 10 GOPWaveMovies Despicable She


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One response to “#GOPWaveMovies

  1. Repeating a comment from last week…

    One of Pete’s pics:

    Democrats’ logo:

    Looks like..

    Democrats’ OLD logo (“Kicking Ass”):

    Last night, GOP’s version of “Kicking Ass”