Obama nukes U.S. relationship with Israel

2015_03 25 Obama nukes US relationship with Israel



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  1. Obama has locked himself in the cockpit and begun a steep descent toward the mountainside. Hope we can break through the cockpit doors in time.

    Speaking of, I just watched this:

    What the Germanwings Captain was up against [Video, 3:40, CNN on YouTube] – discusses the cockpit door reinforcement and the critical switch the psycho used to lock the captain out. (On the American plane they’re showing, there is a key override for the lock; wasn’t on that Airbus.) The doors are made of Kevlar with steel reinforcement. That poor pilot would never have got through with the axe he was using. How terrified all the passengers must’ve been by that point.

    As a passenger on flight USA2015, I sympathize.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      After 9/11, Dearest was yelling about how the cockpit doors should be impossible to breach. :-/


      • Ting

        Just goes to show, for every great idea an evil one will figure out some kind of way to use it to his advantage. Who knows what we should do anymore?


      • cth: “After 9/11, Dearest was yelling about how the cockpit doors should be impossible to breach.”

        Sure; as many did, and rightly so; and that’s what airlines did, after the horrid fact, In the Airbus crash, we see how that got turned around, with just the reinforced door alone. Besides the number keypad (which psycho overrode) and the aforementioned keylock that wasn’t on the Airbus, all American airlines require that, if either pilot leaves the cockpit, another member of the crew goes up there; that might’ve made it at least less easy for Psycho Pilot to hijack the plane. As I understand it, European airlines are now implementing this.

        However, if as reported this psycho really dropped out of pilot training for six months because of depression, he should never have been in the cockpit. Something slipped in the system there. Reports say what was found in his apartment was notes from doctors that he was not qualified to fly, notes meant to be passed to his bosses, torn up and discarded. Fail fail fail. According to friends of his, as a lifelong flying enthusiast (flew gliders as a young teen), “he would just die” if he couldn’t fly.

        Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit reported from a German blog that in turn cited what I’ve seen called a Nazi hate site, saying psycho went Muslim during that six months, attending the same mosque as some of the 9/11 murderers. The story hasn’t had wide play that I’ve seen, and where it has, it traces back, ultimately, to that same one source. So, highly dubious. I mention it just FYI in case you run across that.

        I wondered if he hit the psycho trifecta, depressed Islamo fanatic jilted by girlfriend, We’ll never really know his whole motivation of course. It’s all guesswork and detective work, with missing puzzle pieces.

        One thing I have learned, just working with computer software if not elsewhere in life. I try to do as much “idiot proofing” as possible, even if the only idiot using the program will be me. If anyone else might use it, I try especially hard to anticipate ways a user will push the wrong button and mess things up. Invariably, one of the first users will try something the programmer never thought of. You just can’t implement safeties for absolutely every contingency!


  2. Ting

    I have been noticing that one of my very liberal Jewish friends on facebook is fit to be tied with Obama. He actually lived in Israel for a few years, about 40 years ago, and still has a soft spot in his heart. Sadly, he is the only one of my Jewish friends who is expressing any remorse over his Obama votes. The rest are piling on everything he posts, with stupid reason after stupid reason why Obama is right and Bibi is all wrong.


    • Ting, some of my Jewish friends are only now starting to notice the uptick in antisemitism around the globe. They’re *now* posting about it online, where as only 6 months ago, when I would, they would cluck their tongues and call me a “Far Right Conspiracy Theorist”.
      I have so far refrained from commenting on what they post, because I’m not yet able to do so without a few drops of venomous despair creeping in.
      Because, the worst part is, so many of us saw this coming *years* ago. Or, if we didn’t expect *this extent*, we at least suspected that things were going to go in a poor direction.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I read one time that there are two kinds of American Jews … the ones who care about the religion and love Israel and the ones who identify culturally Jewish, but are politically Marxists and hate Israel.

      The former either saw Obama for what he was from the start (as some blacks did) or have wised up since. Obama began dissing Israel and pandering to Muslims even before his inauguration.

      My guess is your friend is one of the last to wake up to Obama’s evil, which is why he is so out-numbered by the Marxist Obama-philes who are all good little Soros-ites. He was born Jewish too. Then he went to work for Hitler.


  3. I’m really, really uncomfortable with our administrations cuddling with Iran. I really don’t understand why the lot of them haven’t been tossed in the clinker on Treason charges yet.

    And this betrayal of Israel. . . I’m actually not that angry at Obama, because like the proverbial scorpion, this is his nature. Of course he has done this. I’m really most vexed with the Jews-In-Name-Only that helped him get elected twice. I can’t tell you how many friends blew off my concerns over the past 8 years. “Oh,” they’d sigh, “He won’t do anything like you’re saying. It just isn’t done anymore like that. . .”

    This whole situation is provoking my long-repressed violent side, so I’m going to try to step away now.